Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

New Mullhorand Intake Procedures

Due to the latest attacks by the Illithids and the discovery of dominated incoming escapees that unwillingly participated in the attack, new intake procedures for any ex-slaves and escapees using the New Mullhorand Portal are being enforced:

All new incoming will have to be blindfolded and escorted by a cleared guide with the portal key.

1. With the assistance of Taj, we will be needing a permanent Circle of Protection Against Evil at the exit to the portal.

2. Detect Magic will be used by clerics, psionics, mages, and any others who are able to cast it to scan all incoming.

  • a. When a hit is discovered, they will be taken aside by security and searched, while Detect Psionics is used to hone in on any potential domination or charms in effect.
  • b. If influence is discovered, victims will be detained, bound and blindfolded while Dispel Magic and/or Dispel Psionics is attempted.
  • c. Victims will then be informed that they can no longer stay in New Mullhorand and will be taken via portal to a new location.

3. Diagnose Disease and/or Heal checks will need to be performed by any Healers or Clerics in our employ of all incomers for any diseases or Illithid infestation that could be a danger.

  • a. If suffering from a disease that can be treated, they will be isolated in the medical tents and treated until well.
  • b. If suffering from Illithid infestation, as there is no known cure, victims will be informed of their state and offered the option of a quick death and their choice of funerary rites from the clerics in residence.
  • c. infested bodies will then be burned in order to guarantee destruction of Illithid tadpole.


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