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Planejammer: The Spelljoined

My Time Adrift 5,052 OC

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Captain’s Log,

I arrived back from my trip none the worse for wear, knowing not only that our enemy continue to vex our friends further astream, but also that the Skittermander (Violet) in my care will grow up fine no matter what I do. I must still protect her, though, else why was she placed in my care?

The tall insectoid known as C’Chak came with me, as well as a denizen of our current who, using the docks here in the city, spanned neatly the same distance we skipped when we went through the rift. An Elan of Ef’s Uncle’s line of work. We gave her a memento of his that she will probably make better use of. Morpheus knows we can’t make heads or tails of it. We received a gift from C’Chak that we hope will help us find what we have come to know is exotic matter.

I am currently devising ways of sending time capsules and care packages to our friends in different parts of the stream. We’ve come up with a strategy of indicating enemies we’ve already fought before they can slip away, as they like to do. Also we’re divining a method of keeping better track of one another, should we be forcibly or accidentally separated. Maybe we can put some into care packages for our friends. It would be nice to be able to call on them from time to time.

Meanwhile, I am sending K and E on a reconnaissance mission to determine what is to be done about… our ship. Which has conveniently arrived ahead of schedule.

Personal note: Might want to check in back home. I must be about the business of securing a legacy soon. I do, after all, have to think of what I am leaving for the future generations. The empty warehouse in which we sit appears to be for sale. How wonderful would it be to put down a few roots and establish a trade route here? I can see it now: The Spelljoined Warehouse. I wonder who would be running it in… say a couple hundred years?


Loving it! Great to see the Captain’s Log returning! I’ve taken teh liberty of adding the proper date to it

My Time Adrift 5,052 OC
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