Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Let's Crawl!

Gnolls and Skeletons and Fire Giants, OH MY!

Squid Head is a Follower of Neptune – Mercury told Lenata that she has to be his follower here and she needs to cock block Squid Head.
Emporer George Augusts Civic Centerat 9am sharp – pick-up

DJ warns that Judge is volitle and tends to break the rules. He likes to be extra violent.

We hop aboard the bus with breakfast and coffee. Locks click on all the doors. Speakers along the roof blare the circus music. Lights go red and clowns converge on the bus around the block. We drive in the middle of a parade with inflatable monsters and ones in cages
on floats, sparklers, marching bands, etc until we get into a parking garage and see four other teams. Lady with board checks us in. She tosses 20 sided die to captains to roll to see who goes first. US

Security guy wands us all for illegal gear/buffs. Break Rooms for medics between rooms. Non-Com Badge = Non-Combatant – DON’T ATTACK. Awarded TICKETS at each room ending to spend in break rooms.


Green Room – chilly room with couches and security guards and a camera man and a chef – all a bit on the nervous side with a flustered producer and a huge Big Screen TV displaying cartoon logos.
Double Doors looking like a clown face’s teeth. A Commotion by the doors is noticed – the producer we auditioned for comes in and talks with the guy with the headset. He gets exasperated and summons the staff
as I can just pick up “Word came down from the face, he’s changed his mind and we’re starting with Door 2.”

The Circus Ringmaster introduces DJ Faces with fireworks and a clown tent with rising music. Dancers and acrobats come out behind him as he entertains the crowd.

Go through the door with the STAR after we get the keys.

We open the doors to an aluminum slide that decends and curves into darkness. I ever tell you how I invented Body Surfing?

We ride down the silde into a meadow with a red sign blinking Enter Here with a tent fluttering in the breeze. Flash of a small figure inside the tent.

We approach the tent and 20 feet away a human girl comes tearing out of the tent. HELP it’s going to kill everyone! as she bolts past us. She’s not wearing a non-com badge.

Fin fires his bow at her. – She loses her concentration as it expands and turns into a Annis Hag. I spring attack and strike. Vedis casts Haste. Ef throws a dagger at her. Etsuriko spring attacks and sickens the hag
for 4 rounds. Vedis gets hit and takes a 5ft step. Lenata casts Spiritual Weapon. NAT 20 -dbl dmg 2d6 cold (35dmg)
Kenari pounces on her back with her claws. Vedis does a hasted attack with mind blades and cuts arms and head off. Cheers from the crowd. Finn dedicates the first kill to the Lost Argonauts as Vedis falls on her ass trying to show off.

20 ft corridor that’s a dead end with a sign that says STAND HERE. The floor rises as a disc rises and blasting kaliope music and video screens showing us from different camera angles. Floor rings spin in different directions as Etsuriko jumps across to the Star Door with a lever.
Etsuriko pulls the lever down and a steel clamp pulls her arm into the wall – but she uses Freedom of Movement to slip out. Kenari flicker steps over and unlocks the door as Ef falls on the rings and waits for the door as he spins around.

Stirges burst out in a massive cloud from the doorway. I dodge most but get hit a few while Etsuriko smacks them away with her fan. Ef casts Diamond Spray at the swarm. Etsuriko waves at the crowd and closes the door to the stirges.

I hear a pair of voices like casual conversation. I open the door and stand back to see couches and clown portraits, etc. GREEN ROOM. Etsuriko sees scry cameras even in the green room.

Door opens and we’re blasted with cirus music and DJ Faces with a non-com badge. Two doors read Entrance and Exit. Challenge the Tunnel of Love, win glory and enter the actual dungeon! Swan Boat ala Tim Burton with 2 seats in 3 rows.

Kenari notices something moving in the water.
Len casts Mass Prot From Evil. On left is animatronic band of us singing a sad song called Love Hurts. DJ – What would a band be without groupies? Out charge a band of groupies in blonde wigs and dresses.
Band song changes into a battle dirge as they charge. We resist the baric fascinate as I throw Alchemist Fire (one on fire for 1 more d6 dmg) and Vedis throws her mind blades. Finn attempts to hide amonst the animatronics and look for the key.
Etsuriko engages gnolls with a Flurry of Blows with her Fans and disarms the gnoll from his baseball bat. Len casts Burst of Radiance and blinds the gnolls. Ef does a full attack with his longsword and cuts a gnoll in half.

Kenari full strikes the one she set on fire and hits it enough that it retreats towards the Safe Door and Vedis takes him out and the crowd boos at us. The gnolls attack Vedis and Kenari but miss wildly.
Etsuriko kills another Gnoll in monk fashion and gets applause. Lenata casts Web and gets 5 of the Gnolls for 10 minutes. Ef casts Spontaneous Immolation on the Gnoll in the middle of the Web. Flaming Web
causes 2d4 of Fire Damage. Gnoll swings around wildly as Kenari Cat Pounces onto his back and drives her claws into his back. Vedis changes her psionic focus to cold.

A gnoll runs away only to be swallowed up by an alligator. One searches in panic for his sword. Another is partially submerged as Kenari rips down his back. The last one panics and surrenders but as he runs
away he too gets eaten by an alligator. Etsuriko has had enough and since they don’t look like they want to fight anymore she waves and tells them all to “Git!”

Etsuriko gets attacked by an alligator that leaps out of the water at her but fumbles as we all get attacks of opportunity at it. Vedis pieces its kidneys with her mind blades, Kenari swipes it, Etsuriko punches it, and Ef crits it to finish it off, slicing it in half and cauterizing it.

A bell rings and we all have to get back on the duck. We all each grab an aluminum baseball bat as a souvenier as Finn gets back in.

The music changes to romantic violin music as we move through the tunnel. A large flatscreen mounted on the screen shows DJ Faces playing the violin. The decor changes to Walking Dead meets Disney.

We come into a large square room dimly lit with a cartoonish bajou. spooky animatronics of swamp folk with glowing eyes. The boat turns up towards the exit when to our immediate left a whirlpool begins to form in the water.
Vedis does a pre-emptive strike with a cold push. A Large Chuul (mutant crawfish) pops out of the whirlpool and hits Ef in the chest for 50 points of damage. Finn cowers and pulls his sword at the back of the boat.
Lenata casts Divine Intervention and causes one of the strikes against Ef to miss. Vedis casts Inflict Pain and gets her Surging Aura for 3 rounds (+1 attack/skills/etc)

Ef casts Lightning Bolt at it. I burn a Hero Point and am given a Mojo Point to acrobatically flip onto the back of the creature as I throw Quick Freeze Oil down it’s throat. After a moment it rumbles and the beast bloats and bursts. I leap off as
the layers of flesh pop off and the beast expands as the ice grows within it. Ef props it off of him with the bat and scoots his way out.

We get 50 TICKETS for defeating the beast in such a fashion as the crowd goes wild. The boat goes on again till we have another side area in the tunnel with a ledge. Three figures look like skeletons with
their internal organs intact sitting on pillars. Ef casts Blade Tutor Spirit on himself. I hit Ef with the Cure Serious Wand. One of the pillars launches the skeleton at our boat and attacks Vedis. a 5 ft long barbed tongue lashes out of it’s mouth at her and just misses
as it lands on the boat. Ef attempts to leap onto the ledge but crit fails and lands in the water. I throw Holy Water on one on the pillar and it splashes on the other. Lenata channels Positive Energy.
Etsuriko does a Flurry of Blows on the skeleton on the duck with her fans as the crowd cheers and chants “Blood Fist” as she yells out “I can do this all day!”

Finn cowers and holds up a handful of holy symbols trying to ward them off.

Another pillar launches and lands on the duck and makes a tongue attack at Lenata that hits her for a Fort Save. Another hits me with its tongue but I make my Fort save and take 6 POINTS.

USED: 1 Holy Water, 1 Quick Freeze Oil, 1 Alchemist Fire, Wand Charges (2), Touchsight Tattoo
Scroll of Lesser Restoration

Mojo Points – 12

Vedis hits one of the ones on the boat for a hit and a crit knocking it prone. Ef just barely gets missed by an aligator. He stands up in the water and takes a swipe at the prone skeleton. I stab at the prone one.

Lenata casts Burst of Radiance. The 3rd one leaps towards the boat but explodes in pieces and covers us on the boat as the crowd roars. Etsuriko attacks with her glowing fans and cuts the 2nd skeleton into three pieces as the crowd roars. Vedis bisects the last one as it tries to get up and Ef cuts the pieces into other pieces.

Kenari flicker steps over to the ledge to search the pillars. No keys, traps or whatnot. Vedis sees a smiling goldfish trailing our boat. She doesn’t trust it and throws a dagger at it and misses as it blows her a kiss.

The boat curves around the bend as the tracks in the water stop. Stairs rise out of the water to a passage and a flashing red light in the distance. I try to check the stairs for traps as I move up but miss the switch as an iron spiked ball swings down and nails me for
18 points of damage and 4 points of DEX damage.

Ef casts fly, picks me up and moves me to Lenata, and picks up Finn to check the traps in the air. He doesn’t find any, so Ef flies everyone up to the top of the stairs. Vedis gives me a potion of Lesser Resto to heal the DEX damage.

Flashing red light room with smoke as Etsuriko cautiously moves into the room with her fans. A large screen of natural disasters, volanoes, executions, etc plays. A ceiling mounted rack of speakers and fog machines spew smoke.

Lenata casts Aura Sight and detects a pair of sizable auras in the room with us. 18-20 foot tall CE humanoids around the 10-12 HD each.

Lenata casts spiritual weapon. Vedis uses Inertial Armor. Leadership Surge +1
Ef Utan uses a potion of Bull Strength. Etsuriko attacks but misses. I activate my tattoo and see that they are Fire Giants as I activate my tattoo and flcker step across the room.

The Fire Giant attacks Ef Utan 3 times and his Frost Brand flickers and sputters as it is chopped in half! The other one hits Etsuriko and hacks one of her fans into pieces as she curses in Shou.

Lenata casts Shield of Faith. Vedis uses a Surge Blast. Ef attacks and stuns/off balances one.

Kenari leaps on the other one and Plane Shifts it into the Plane of Water and shifts back soaking wet sans giant. There’s silence as the crowd stares and then slow claps that rise in applause as the other Fire Giant
smacks me with a crit as it impales me and throws me against the wall bleeding.


As we close the crowd is standing and roaring!

Let's Crawl!
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