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Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Let's be TV stars!

X-Crawl World

We steer away from the Illithid city attempting to be stealthy as we see smaller Illithid ships (4-crew) in a swarm coming in towards the city. Klassath says they’re boarding craft with golems, intellect devourers, etc that latch onto ships and bore through them to board them. Never seen a cluster this big though.
He feels a light telepathic touch sort of like their radar. Taj attempts to fly casual. They pass but as the tail end passes 5 of them peel off to attack our ship.

Taj punches it – purple mist forms on the bridge and an emaciated illithid shows up on the bridge in pants and garb. Vedis strikes him with a sonic energy push but misses as he dodges and aims a kick at Taj
in the pilot seat. Ef and Kenari shoot him with pistols as Etsuriko moves in to attack hand to hand. Lenata casts Burst of Radiance. Etsuriko recognizes the Illithid as a monk evoking Corrosive Fist.
He goes to strike Taj and hits the back of the helm and falls on his face as he crit fails and we all whoop on him. Etsuriko punches him through his head. Lenata casts gentle repose but it causes the body to
thrash around as Vedis uses her mind blades to cut it’s head off. The body explodes in a shower of slugs (nerve swimmers).

Tavist casts Fireball. I grab Finn and teleport to a lower level. Lenata and Finn teleport down to the lower level. Klassath does a whirling attack with his chain blades in the swarm. Taj does a cold energy push.

On the floor below – Finn stashes four of the most expensive bottles of alcohol from the ships stash and hands a bottle to Kenari for “teleportation fee.” I hop back up to the bridge and uses port powers
to remove the slugs from everyone.


The ship breaks the surface and Lenata casts Obscuring Mist as the ship fires its lightning gun at the ships in the water. Kenari reloads her guns as Klassath cleans up the slug mess on the bridge.
All 5 of the ships are ripped to pieces by the electrical surge and sink back into the water. Off to the left in the distance we see land and a really tall statue. Taj tries to console the ship into finding land for us.
Statue is a figure in roman robes holding aloft a sword like a statue of liberty. A number of ships are around the small island with the statue. We park under water and anchor the ship and crawl up out of the water onto the island.

Kenari puts on a cloak, Klassath and Vedis a hood. Predom human with a smattering of orcs and elves and shortfolk. Kenari tries to speak with them but can’t seem to communicate. Tavist talks to them and they
look at us in amazement asking them if we’re X-Crawl teams. I listen to Tavist and her talk and figure out they’re talking Helenic/Latin. We get on the tour boat and come back to Manhattan with brownstone
buildings and posters of X-Crawl. TVs with X-Crawl and temples to Roman Gods everywhere. We discuss the possibility of becoming an X-Crawl team in order to fit in when we turn a corner and see a billboard of a Mindflayer Priest on a billboard “Have you been saved?”

As we’re walking Taj gets a weird feeling of deja vu. Klassath notices a guy on the other side of the street with a green hood/cloak – figure disappears and suddenly when we were going one way we’re suddenly a block to the right and going the opposite way.

I think about flicker stepping back there but change my mind (failed Will save). We get stopped by cops who warn us about weapons wielded in the open as Finn and attempts to bribe the cops. We make our
way to Union Center and Apollo Studios. As we’re talking we see a figure with a green hooded cloak appear in the crowd and grab Klassath’s shoulder as they disappear. Could that be the chronomancer?


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