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Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Kenari's Journal Part 2

Touching tattoos and other tender moments...

Journal bar kenari
My father told me stories of fighting the Anhur in the dunes… but I don’t think they’d compare to these strange wolf creatures that raided the Vistani camp. While some seemed normal enough, the two who changed and invaded the camp circle made my skin crawl. They must have been cursed by the gods if even their own appearance reflected their conflicted nature. Curses or no… they thankfully still died the same when impaled on the end of my claw.

I think I need to rest for a minute… my head is still fuzzy from the priest’s droning. Heh… I’d have thought I was still a kitten listening to the priests with the morning litany to Thoth if I wasn’t in the middle of a battle at the time.


I can’t believe he shot me! To be fair, though, I don’t think this Ef Utan has seen someone like me either. It’s a shame, as I had a small hope that someone not from my world might know of more like me. For whatever reason that his bow broke, it was nothing difficult to fix; I only hope that my repairs will improve his aim next time.

The priest keeps finding the pretty things… I wonder if she’ll let me see that strange token she found?


I can’t blame the Vistani for having enough of us; signs are signs, after all… and these werewolves didn’t come till we did.

I don’t see why Sepphira and Lenatta have to bicker so much; it seems common sense to me that we should head to this Borovia… it is the only town around here after all. Hopefully by first light they will have made a decision.


Really? After all that we went through the night before, he wakes me up for a ball of light? I see that the morning hasn’t stopped the bickering… but this time it seems to be about smoke and sea creatures. Who am I to know the minds of such strange companions… as long as we keep moving forward I have my purpose.

When is a door not a door? When it’s a portal, it seems.

Ef Utan’s curious lens seems to let him see writing that my eye cannot; apparently the priest isn’t the only one with pretty things that I must know more about.


Oh my aching head… remind me to never ask strange wisps questions again. Upon investigation, it seems that if you ask a wisp a question they give you a tattoo and scarper.

We all have one, apparently. Could this be a part of the key they were looking for? Seems to make sense, considering the question of it inspired the giving. Ef Utan mentioned something about actions that activate a portal…

“Maybe we should all stand in the ring and touch tattoos together?” I mention as the bickering continues; and here the warrior says I never shut up. They mutter and plan so much… why can’t we just try something and see what happens?

Eventually Lenatta and Vedis touch their wrists together and come to the conclusion that I had what feels like hours ago. Priests… they always have to take the long way to do things.


Now THIS is a bar! No music, though… tis a shame. I haven’t had the chance to dance in so long. I thought I’d seen a strange mix of people living in a port city… but nothing could’ve prepared me for this! That bartender especially… he seems jovial enough, but his beard hisses too much for my tastes. Thankfully Sharinda was helpful enough to point us to this Sigil place. Sepphira and Ef Utan seem eager enough to go there, so it must be interesting at least.


Wet and smelly again… but at least it’s a city! And what a city it is when it stretches as far as the eye can see into the sky and back again. I don’t understand how Sephira says it can function without a Sun, though. If day and night just happen… perhaps they have a god that keeps it so for them?

Lenatta and Vedis want to find her temple to Celestian. I have to wonder that in a place such as this… would my gods be here too? When they left they must have gone somewhere…

At least there are cats here, so this place is not totally forsaken.

Apparently lodgings are in order more than spiritual matters with Sephira. She claims this place is her home… so I guess I will follow the one who knows where she is going.

What is a changed lock when you’ve got a universal key? Sephira’s fathers place is quite the mess, full of parchment and junk. Now that she’s taken care of those strange mushrooms, I must explain to her the benefits of finding a messy home; it’s a lot harder for them to tell when something has gone missing…


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