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Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Kenari's Journal Part 18

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend... for now."

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Thankfully after a check-up by the clerics at the Temple of Celestian, Ef Utan and I were both given a clean bill of health. Just in case, though, I suggested that we pick up some potions of “Cure Disease” in case we come across another situation like that and (Goddess forbid) don’t have our cleric around to help.

Taking a stab in the dark at where we can find information regarding Nova Roma, we all hop portals over to Greyhawk, and Ayrun and I go to check out their Great Library at the University. Unfortunately the only thing we find is a case of the sneezes from all the dust.

Nothing cheers me up like shopping, however… and besides, I need to check with Maldin’s to see if they could sell that jar of Illithid brain candy. Who knows… maybe they can tell me something about that chess set while we are at it. Meanwhile, we hear from Lenata that Vedis is going to spend some time in a Psi school somewhere. Whatever floats her boat, I say. I tend to learn more on the streets, but if they can teach her to keep her space monkey out of our equipment, then more’s the better.


Alas, there doesn’t seem to be a market for dehydrated brains in Greyhawk. Perhaps I should’ve tried to sell them in Sigil? At least there’s a number of the creatures around there… they must have to shop sometime, right? In the meantime, perhaps I can use it to get a few drinks at the bar. I can just imagine it now… Guess how many brains are in the jar, and win a prize!

Heh… but I digress.

While Maldin couldn’t sell my brain food, he at least was able to tell us some interesting things about that chess set. Apparently the pieces are Suel craftmanship, carved to look like the Greyhawk pantheon of gods, and over 1,000 years old. In fact, it was made around the time Celestian (mighty Celestian, great Celestian) left, and the Spelljammer last showed itself.

At least that lends itself to what Parvatta said about it being important… but how is it connected to the Spelljammer? And why is it so damn important?

The last thing Maldin showed us is an arcane mark on the bottom of Flarg…Fhalarga… Celestian’s brother. It’s a peculiar seal… and something for us to start researching, at least. Which means…joy of joys, we get to go back to the library.


At least this time we managed to find something. Sure, it took Ayrun sneezing and bumping Ef Utan… who stumbled into Lenata… who knocked me off the ladder to grab a book to catch myself to find it, but hey, the Gods work in mysterious ways, right? I just wish they kept more consistent hours.

It turns out the symbol is particular to an Elven Man O’War. We pay one of the scribes to copy the image for us, and then all agree that a trip to Spiralspace is in order so that we can pay Theron a visit. Who better to know about an Elven symbol, then an Elven information dealer?

Fortunately for us, the information is easy enough for the sage. So easy, he doesn’t even charge us for it. Apparently the symbol belongs to the Elven house of Leafbower, which generally includes fleet admirals and diplomats. He lets us know of the existance of one Admiral Vilius Leafbower, who is over 1,200 years old, has fought in the Unhuman Wars, and happens to reside on Refuge.

Three guesses where we decide to head next. Before heading to Refuge, however, we pick up Vedis, confer with our Davatti friend, and decide to drop them off back on Bral.

Good thing, too… because there was a message waiting for us at Luigi’s.

Heh… the balls of the man… apparently Torgan Betts wants to meet us at midnight in a graveyard to talk. First he tries to kill us, and now he gets all melodramatic? Rest assured, I trust the man about as far as I can throw him, and suggest checking out the area before the meeting time to make sure it isn’t trapped. Ayrun agrees, and since the sorcerer has proven useful in the past (and I could use some back-up), we turn ourselves invisible and check the perimiter while Ef Utan and the others wait for Torgan to show up.

It doesn’t take long to wait, though… which makes me think that either he had the same idea (which well he should after what he pulled), or we caught him trying to set us up beforehand. I listen as best as I can while searching the area, and pick out the occasional words of “Cain, assasination list, and help.”

I’ll have to ask Ef Utan about it later, though, because I notice something moving in the grass. I do my best to follow it and when I think I’ve got it pinned down, I point it out to Ayrun and ask him to cast that glitter magic he used back at the warehouse (I’m running low on halfling pipeweed). Unfortunately I didn’t realize that while Ayrun might be a useful spellcaster… he could use some work with aiming at things. Puffs of glitter start popping into the air all around us, and I have to concentrate through the coughing and sheen of glittering clouds to see the outline of another figure.

I dive at the outline and tackle the figure to the ground… only to be caught off guard by the cushioned landing. Well what do you know… I think I tackled a woman. After some fumbling I manage to grab her arms while she’s coughing and Ayrun and I take her down to the others and what looks like an apologetic Torgan Betts.

“She’s one of mine, I’m afraid. When a high paid assassin is after you, one can’t afford to be too careful.”

“Tell me about it,” I say with a snarl. “How much did you pay for Dorum Larbo, anyway?”

Before he can reply, Ef Utan rears back and slams his fist into Torgan’s face. “That’s for setting us up, you berk. Turn stag on us again, and you’ll find yourself lost.”

I’m not sure what he just said… but from the tone and the look on Torgan’s face, I’m pretty sure Ef Utan expressed what we all felt.

Once we make it back to the ship, Ef Utan fills me and Ayrun in on what we missed. Apparently Cain has been hired to take us all out. Big surprise there… I figured it was only a matter of time, honestly. The curious part is the other names on the list…

Now I’ve got a pretty good idea why he’s out to kill us… and Torgan is probably on the list in order to tie up loose ends who know to much… but what about the others? It might be worth investigating after our visit to Refuge.

In the meantime, I think I have an idea on how Elliwinkle can earn her keep around here. I just need some parchment and ink so I can start sketching… and a Gnome that’s crazy enough to build it…


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