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Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Kenari's Journal Part 16

"I love it when I'm right!"

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Nothing too eventful happens on our way to Spiral… other than me fighting the urge to take a hammer to that chess set. You never know… something important could be inside the thing, right?

I find it’s better to try and keep busy than resort to chaotic acts of destruction just for the heck of it. Besides… the way this group’s luck is holding out, I’m sure I’ll get to destroy something soon enough.

We land smoothly in Spiral and check in at the dock masters to see if they have an info regarding the Crashbang crew. It seems they didn’t just stop here to refuel… they visited a local sage by the name of Theron as well. We have no other major needs here in Spiral (other than the occasional bottle of Elven wine to sell at a high price on Bral), so we make our way to Theron’s home for our own hopefully enlightening visit.

…and here I thought the Grey Elves were the most snooty people I’ve ever met. All it took was one look at the Void Elf with his brocaded clothes and brandy snifters to know that he probably never had to steal for his family to survive. Goddess forgive me but I need to watch myself. If I don’t want people to judge me by my appearance, then they deserve the same treatment… no matter how many artifacts, jewels and shiny pretty things they have lying around ripe for the taking.

I think I’ll keep quiet and keep my hands in my pockets for a while… just to be safe.

Ef Utan questions the sage, and we discover that the crew of the Crashbang had come to Theron in the hopes that he could identify a strange smoky gemstone that they had found near the vicinity of the Flow Falls. He identified it as the Dream Stone, a minor artifact created on another plane of existence that supposedly had the ability to make dreams manifest in reality.

My ears perk up at this, as all I seemed to hear was “Why yes, I do believe the Catfolk’s theories were right.” I do my best to fight the grin growing upon my face, as I wouldn’t want the sage to think I ate one of his pets. The last place we saw the Spelljammer was in our dreams… so it seems to me that these different factions are trying to use Melkot / Melkoth to conduct the ritual with the Dream Stone to bring the Spelljammer into our world. Could you imagine what the Neogi, Mind Flayers or 10th Pit could do with such easy access to all planes of existence? All of creation would be in danger of enslavement or becoming someone’s lunch to say the least.

I shake myself out of my reverie when I see that my friends are ready to leave.

“How about we go back to Sigil?” Vedis Valentine suggests. “I’d like to go to the Temple of Dreams and pray for some guidance regarding this Dream Stone.”

“Sounds like a good idea as any,” Ef Utan Izenik answers. “Besides, somebody needs to let Sly Nye know that there’s a good chance his daughter is dead.”

“Better you than me,” I say as I make to follow Ayrun Sorpic through the portal.

“Oh no…” Ef Utan says as he grabs my sash, “If you want to know about the Planes so much, you’re going to stay with me. Soon as I’m done talking to Sly, I’m going to introduce you to the Infinite Staircase.”

We all toss our double-headed coins through the portal and find ourselves once again in the dreary and damp that is Sigil. You would figure if they can make a city that spins on its side, they could make it have nice weather too. I must remember to see if they have any treated cloaks around here for keeping out the rain…

Ef Utan waves to the others as he claps a hand on my shoulder. “We’re all going to meet at the Temple of Celestian later. For now, though, you’re with me, got it?”

“Aye-aye, Captain,” I say with a grin. “So… is this Everclimb some exercise device from the 9 Hells, or what?”

Ef Utan laughs as we walk down the street. “Depends on what door you open, I guess. First things first, though… lets go find Sly.”


Thankfully, that chaotic prankster who calls himself a lawyer is nowhere to be found. I kick a few mushrooms out of the way and we leave a message for him to contact us regarding his daughter. Sapphira was an interesting person, even if a little cold. I can’t help but wonder if we’d checked out that warehouse sooner…

My guilty thoughts are gratefully interrupted when Ef Utan pulls me into a shop called Avrodels. I don’t complain, because the shimmering clothes in the window are something I’ve just got to check out.

“Come on, there’s somebody I want you to meet.” I look over Ef Utan’s shoulder to see an extravagantly dressed dwarf trying on a plumed hat that makes me envious. “Kenari, meet Gimras Silveroath, a fellow Planewalker and friend.”

The dwarf tosses the hat onto a stand and bows with a flourish. “Pleased to meet you, milady. What say we continue this conversation on the street? I could use a good drink.”

“We’ll come back here later, right?” I ask Ef Utan as I gesture towards the shimmering fabrics in the window.

Ef Utan rolls his eyes and sighs. “Yes, we’ll come back here later. For now though, I am trying to teach you something… so please pay attention.”

Gimras chuckles as we leave the store to walk through the Lower Ward. “You haven’t met many Catfolk, have you?”

Thankfully Gimras is quite the storyteller, and he’s able to keep my attention as he and Ef Utan share stories about the Everclimb. That is, until we’re unfortunate enough to run into a drunk Bazattu stumbling out of one of the bars. The creature burps loudly and suddenly my eyes begin to water from the smell. Gods above, what did that thing drink? Thinking quickly I pull out my pipe and start puffing on some Halfling leaf to try and cover the smell.

“I like youse guys…” the Bazattu slurs as he grins at Ef Utan and Gimras. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a demon smile… but it’s not something you want directed at you, believe me. I’ll probably be seeing that in my sleep for a few days, at least. “… why don’t youse tough guys join me in the Blood War? It will be glorious!”

“Speaking of the Blood War,” I interject quickly, “did you know that I heard a group of sniveling looking Devils a few bars down talking about Demons? They said you guys couldn’t fight your way out of a sack!” We cringe and step back as the Bazzatu roars and takes off down the street.

“I appreciate the save, Kenari. Let’s not stick around to see what that Demon does, though.”

We walk a little faster down the street past some shady Tieflings trying to sell some sundials, until we come to a dead willow tree drooping over to form a portal.

“Well, afraid I’ve drank too much to go climbing stairs today, boy,” Gimras says as he shakes his hand. “It was good to see you, and a pleasure to meet you, Kenari.”

“Until next time, Gimras, and thanks for the stories,” I say with a nod as Ef Utan tosses some silver through the gate and it begins to ripple with energy.

“Shall we?”


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