Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Illithids to the left of EIN to the right...

01/14/22 Game Notes

01/14/22 GAME NOTES

Vedis/Nomad attacks Naut #1 and everyone but her is affected by a fear effect.

The Serenity gets rammed by Naut #3. Valis attacks Naut #2. Human fighters coming out of Nautiloid #3 to attack Serenity.

A large shockwave from the Spelljammer pushing the ships back as Naut #1 is destroyed.

Taj/Serenity fires and takes out the lead siege weapon of Naut #3.

Purple light shines out of windows of Naut 2 as EIN ship pulls back fast.

Large shockwave as more nautiloids go boom and the human fighters drop like puppets with cut strings.

Fear effects fade away after battle ends and Kenari teleports over to the EIN armada ship that got messed up to try and help people.

Acrid vapor and smashed walls and a good 3rd of the ship is gone on the EIN. Kenari runs to aid survivors and one blows a whistle to set off an alarm. Kenari convinces them she’s there to help and heals and teleports the worse off over to the other ships.

Taj finds and tries to communicate with prisoners and get some off the ship.

Lenata teleports over to help with the wounded EIN as Takero pilots the ship she left.

We argue about reconditioning Illithid ships and the tadpole pools that pilot them. “Mammas don’t let your tadpoles grow up to be Illithids” song.

Ef Vedis and Lenata dump a Hero Point into their Spelljoined Tattoo and a holographic image pops up of images of us dressed very sci-fi, and Illithids and one dressed oddly in a suit with a tall white collar but all in black and a small wand (Illithid Priest) in a tunnel like a brick lined sewer.The redheaded chronomancer’s face, and then something that might be going on now: a scene in the Harrowing – the people in the town and New Gheldaneth are hiding from the Nautiloid that’s currently in the demiplane.

The last image is a bald headed black guy in stylized Jack Kirby armor with a goatee mowing down four Illithids with some kind of weapon.


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