Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

RETCONNED: Google+ Gaming

The Spelljoined Go Online- Hangout Gaming

Tonight we cast resurrection on The Spelljoined and bring it screaming back to life as a Google+ based game. With the DM in New Orleans and the players in Cincinnati it seems the best option.

We will be testing a beta of Tabletop Forge – an app dedicated to assisting with tabletop roleplaying over the Hangout environment. I’ll post follow up notes about what we learn and how we approach Hangout Gaming

For those interested I’ll be using Chrome as my browser for maximum compatibility, and will have tabs open to Obsidian Portal and the Hypertext Pathfinder SRD .

In game time two years have passed since our heroes defeated the Patchwork Lord and disposed of the Witchlight Marauder Key. The events of that period are outlined here – In the Year 5,052…

And now we begin the next book in the Saga of the Spelljoined! The Khan of Nightmares and Queen of Thistles are waiting in the wings watching their potential candidates for the Damnation Epoch…


Yay!! New Spelljoined!!

RETCONNED: Google+ Gaming

The Tabletop Forge is an interesting idea. How well did it work for the group? I’d be interested to hear feedback please.

RETCONNED: Google+ Gaming
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