Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Go Go Godzilla!

While we go into the Ethereal plane to watch...

The raft and water ripples as the god walks and Melchior falls off the boat. Kenari switches places with him so he ends up on the boat and Kenari is in the water.

“Never has the term Thorax Shadow been so upsetting.”

Sky rip is closing as Kenari looks at the rip. It seems to shift and change, the one image Kenari can see is areas of the Outlands where the gods of the prehominid races reside. Often confused with the Celestial Mantis that is the god of the Thri-Kreen, Achaekek is usualy worshipped by assassins and is originally birthed as an agent of divine justice. Most of the worshippers come from Gollarion.

Kenari ties a rope to the raft and teleports to the island and pulls as the others swim and push the raft with some work amd climb up the island.

The Mantis God screeches and Fin, Melchior Vedis and Kenari take 13 points of sonic dmg. Lenata and Etsuriko take 9 points. We all panic and then decide on plane shifting to the Ethereal plane so we can
watch what’s happening while the God passes by or fights or whatever. The mantis stomps around for a bit and then for the next hour or so a large godzilla kaiju shows up and the battle ensues.

The mantis flies away and Godzilla curls up around the statue as it takes a nap. We talk about taking notes and samples from the Kaiju to sell to the cult.

Ef is 2/3 through his watch as he picks up some movement off in the distance. A good ways away is a vaguely familiar profile, tentacles in front with big shell in the back. Illithid Nautiloid in the Ethereal.

We wait for 40 minutes then Finn and Kenari start looking for Kaiju scraps very quietly. Start picking up vials of Kaiju blood. Few pints of kaiju blood, can’t really tell the diff between mantis and Godzila.

Vedis looks for Illithid signs as we harvest but doesn’t see anything. She does notice however a small chip off of one of the Kaiju’s scale the size of her coffee table imbeded in the ground.

It is starting to rain though. Finn and Kenari use the acid burst weapons to free the scale from the ground. Ef casts Grease to loosen it up. Etsuriko makes a strength check and yanks it out. The
corroded ground crumbles away noisily but the kaiju doesn’t wake up. We put the scale in Ef’s bag of holding.

We use rope to ferry the boat over and Finn and Lenata find the tracks of our Hadojee guide but see that he’s long gone and agree we need to bite the bullet to do the ritual.

Lenata starts and Ef and Vedis pitch in as emerald green flames light the braziers as we get through the 1st two hours of the ritual. The sky begins to darken and rain begins to fall but doesn’t impede
the green flames. Over 10 minutes it builds up to tropical storm levels. Out in the water of the lake the ship that rises up out of the water looks like a Smalljammer but it’s almost twice the size.
The lines are the same, it’s a black and gold color scheme that comes up from underneath the water. Mel and I have a bit of a headache as the ship pulls up to the beach.

Kenari and all awe in its beauty as we stroke it and give it a kiss before climbing aboard the sexy beast. Lenata conveys her gratitude to the gods and the ship for its arrival.



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