Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined


USED: 1 Holy Water, 1 Quick Freeze Oil, 2 Alchemist Fire, Wand Charges (2), Touchsight Tattoo
Scroll of Lesser Restoration

Mojo Points – 11

Lenata dimension doors over to Kenari and casts a healing spell for 27 points.
Vedis uses a maxed Wild Surged Energy Push = Cold for 63 damage and Leadership Surge.
Ef Utan flies at the giant with a Shocking Grasp spell. The giant drops to his knees and begs to yield as he drops his sword and Ef picks it up and carries it with him (+3 Giant Sized Great Sword).
Lenata casts Make Whole to fix Eturiko’s fan.

The flickering images on the wall slow down and stop as Finn and Kenari search the room for nothing. Down the hall there is a bright light ahead of us. No traps in the hallway. I take a sneaky peak around
the corner showing a spotlight shining down on a lucite platform with a stylized treasure chest with a complicated lock on it with a black velvet painting of the dungeon master behind it. I use my 5 Fingers Artifact
to pick the lock from a distance and hear the recording of an angelic chorus with streamers and confetti as the crowd chants “GO CAT GO!”


Imperial Banknote for 10,000 GP
Lightsaber handle / cheap hair brush thing
Wand of Cure Serious Wounds
2 Potions labeled “No Seeum” (Finn)
Certificate for a Year’s Supply for Empire’s Classic Car Wax
*Candy Apple Red Key*

Stream of Tickets: 350 Tickets (400 Total)

I messed with the lightsaber and it turns into different weapons based on what you’re thinking. Give to Ef or Etsuriko

We come to another Duck Ride and board it for another 75 ft and doors open to the beginning of the tunnel of love again. The room is the same but as we step out the room lights up and a huge amount
of confetti falls down from the ceiling. To our left opens a door to a corridor 30 ft before curving off to the side where there’s a big screen that lights up with DJ Faces holding a bat and a doll of Ef Utan before he smashes it like Punch and Judy.

Welcome to the Marrionette Show!

“Go CAT GO!” as I check the door for traps. I unlock the door and listen to hear squeaky pullies. Lenata casts Contagious Zeal on Ef Utan. Kenari opens the door for the others to go first.

80ft wide and 20ft deep room with curtains being retracted with a shimmer of force walls with bleacher seating of the audience. To the front is a semi-circular large stage.
Bright lights pop up on the stage with marionette harliquins and hands ending in blades. Behind them is a simple wooden chest.

Etsuriko puts away her fans and gets out her knunchucks. The marionettes dance around and then leap at us. “How about a little fire, scarecrow?” I throw Alchemist Fire for 6 on #4 and splash on the other.
Lenata casts Diamond Spray on #4. Etsuriko hits #4 with a crit knunchuck for an “Organ Scramble” and casts Confusion on it for 8 rounds and 5 points of CON damage.

Marionette #2 loses its belt and it’s pants fall down as it tries to attack Lenatta and goes prone. Ef cleaves the marionette #2 in twain with the “Huge Ass Sword.”

Ef takes 17 points of dmg from a marionette as he Bleeds 1 HP per round. The marionette then fumbles – and provokes attacks of opportunity from all threatening foes. Ef chops another one in half with the HAS and shouts “This is my new favorite toy!” as the crowd cheers and large
dwarf blows him a kiss and Ef returns it. The crowd goes wild! “GO BEAR GO!”

Finn shoots the one on fire #4 with the bow. It hits Finn for 20 pts and 2 Bleed.

Marionette #5 attacks me and just misses. Vedis crits #5 with her mind blades for 3x damage and ignore damage resistance.

Ef “Oh you got a name now, Chopper!” as he swings the HAS for 46 points and cleaves another marionette. “GO BEAR GO!” with a line of shirtless hairy men blowing kisses from the crowd.

  1. swings at Lenata as it burns and flails wildly and she gets hit.

I try to open the chest and a robotic hand swings out with a “Nah nah, not till your finished!” and a rasberry noise.

Finn hits the remaining #4 with more alchemist fire as it continues to burn. Ef jumps in front of Finn as a bodyguard and keeps Finn from being hit. Vedis casts Haste on Ef and Etsuriko.

Ef cleaves yet another marionette from bottom to top. “GASP!” from the crowd as Ef says “Be careful boys and remember, protected and consensual!” 3 15 ft tall women stand up and cheer.

  1. hobbles around on fire. Kenari pounces on it and cuts an arm off with her claws as she finished off #4. The crowd roars and a jingle as the chest says “OK now you can!”

The chest opens and the angelic chorus rings and light shines down into it to reveal in our names

1 year passes to the Imperial Opera of NY City.
2 potions of cure moderate
banknote for 5,000gp
mysterious ring
Cotton Candy Pink Key

A secret cellar door goes down to the area below the stage.

MEANWHILE – Melchior, Taj and Tavist are in the balcony with the crowd warming up to the group. Melchior has placed his bets, and is talking up the Spelljoinz and telling the epic tales of our adventures. Taj people watches and sees a segregation between the human and non-humans who are in the shittier seats. “Why are these people not in my collective? They are now mine, I called dibs! Why didn’t you bring them here before?”

Tavist = “The one with the big sword keeps saying I’m a dick!”
Taj= "But you are! Right? (nudges Melchior)
Melchior= “Um… yeah! Definitely!”
Tavist= “They’re your problem! Get a contract!”


Kenari examins the ring to see what it is. +3 Ring of Protection – give to Lenata.

I just manage to pick the lock of the cellar door and ready their weapons as I open the cellar door. “GO CAT GO!” There’s a splash of confetti with a dark narrow cute and a ladder that goes down 15 feet. with a closed door with light shining in a well lit hallway that ends in a door.
I listen at the door and hear accordian based circus music behind double doors.

Doors open to medium sized room with force walls and audience to left and right. Back wall i littered with stuffed animals and carnival prizes of various sizes. DJ faces has a comically huge mallet and whistles in time with the circus music. Behind him is a Carnival STR test.
He lets the mallet fall and bows. "Welcome to the first of my Bonus Rooms! Time to know who is the mightiest! But there are rules: THIS MALLET. 2 ATTEMPTS. ONLY 1 OF YOU.

Lenata casts Bull STR on Etsuriko and lets her use the mallet. She rings it on the 1st try – TITAN LEVEL. The center section of the back wall opens up with a chest in it. He congrats us and disappears.

Ef takes a Rainbow Bear from the stuffed animals and realizes it’s way heaver than it should be because it’s full of rocks. He fails his save and takes DEX damage as the walls close in on him.
I disable the wall trap and open the chest as they say "GO CAT – " before the chest is open. Lenata casts Lesser Restoration of Ef to take care of the DEX damage.

3 potions with labels that have Bulls on them. (Bull STR)
100 Tickets (500 total)

A door opens in the alcove with another hallway. We open the door to sad clown black velvet paintings and disco balls in another break room.

50 tickets – frosted comm. x-crawl mirror, stuffed animal, alchemist fire, holy water, 10 m arrows
100 – 10 +1 arrows
200 – m broadsword, cure lt wounds potion
400 – cure serious wounds potion

*Purchased 2 alchemist fire – for 100 tickets

The lights flicker oddly and we all have to make Will Saves. When they come back up, everyone around us is frozen, including Vedis. We look around to see if anyone is moving – Tavist sees movement in the shadows and a dude in a hooded cloak (not Illithid).
Taj teleports her, Tavist and Melchior next to the guy in the shadows. Dark green cloak/hood and neutral wardrobe, no visible weapons. Half elf.

Tavist = “This has got to stop… what do you want?”

“Excellent! The Traveller Kaolin has need of you!” He grabs them and disappears leaving Melchior.

Finn pilfers the ticket desk as he realizes the screens and people are all frozen.

Another man appears behind me and I try to flicker step behind him but he rides my ability. I drop to trip him but he steps over. He lowers his hand and says “You are needed!”

Non-descript clothes green cloak, looks like a normal Aasimar. I shake his hand with my Bracelet of Bargaining and can tell that he’s legit.

“What… me?” as he touches my shoulder and Kenari disappears.


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