Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Game Notes 12/17/21

Spelljammer witnesses the Illithid Attack

THE SPELLJAMMER shows up with a pod of space whales, as well as one of the Seven Stars flag ship vessels.
Taj interrogates the crew to ask about the whereabouts of Falkirk as Kenari prepares to search more rooms.
Vedas wants to get on the Spelljammer but Lenata cautions against it as no one as ever returned from it once the enter the large gravity

The Nomad gets caught up in the backwash of the Spelljammer and takes 13 hull damage and loses one of the lower level crew over the rail.

Another ship shows up, an Illithid Nautiloid, larger than usual but not Dreadnaught size.

I just manage to open another locked door and find the room is filled with stretched out sinews of a nervous system across a room rooted like a plant and twitching. I step out of the hallway and yell for attention but can’t get anybody.

Taj and Tavist teleport over to the Nautiloid command deck and doesn’t see any beings on the ship.

I go tell Vedis of the weird brain thing I found and ask her to check it out.

Five more Illithid Nautiloids show up following the vector of the Ancient Nautiloid.

Vedis intimidates the slaver crew.

I throw some acid at the weird brain thing but not much happens. Vedis finally comes to check it out. It’s dark and nasty psionic shit. nervous systems of half a dozen sentient beings turned into a battery almost. It’s all tied into the ship. She attempts to use Empathy and has to make a will save and takes 7 damage.

The Slaver ship is rocked by an attack of some kind of energy bolt. Finn sees that the attack is coming from lightning ballista on the Valis.

Kenari sets a trap in the room with the strange device to go off if someone opens the door. Vedas mind blasts the nervous system.

Lightning ballista attack hits. Ef and Vedis are unconscious as an explosive reaction the mind thrust as the nervous system disintegrates.

Taj and Tavist get onto the Valis and notice Falkirk has taken over the Valis. Tavis immediately attacks with his breath weapon., Taj uses Breath of the Black Dragon. Taj diverts Falkirk’s teleport so he ends up in front of Tavist, who does a full attack with his claws. Falkirk falls to his knees spitting blood and Tavis attempts a coup de grace attack to finish him off and guts him.

Lenata teleports Ef and Kenari teleports Vedis over to the Serenity leaving the slaver ship abandoned as it spins out of control with a blown out hull. Taj has the Valis continue destroying the slaver ship as the bomb goes off and it bursts into pieces causing a shock wave that rattles the other ships.

Finn and Melchior fire their ship weapons at Nautiloid #5.


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