Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Game Notes 10/22/2021

“Really? Him>? You called HIM sir?” – Ef
“He pays more of my checks” – Finn

Taj – I require more information now. We fill them in. Taj suggests going over their delivery notes to try and track them down. We discuss theories while they look over the paperwork.

Endpoint in the Refuge System. A page of the Captain’s Journal radiates magic while the Xixchill checks it out. Columns of numbers and bills of lading for large amounts of exotic materials, mineral salts, etc. Lots of stuff she has in her biolab.

“Extraordinary rewards for anyone who runs across or brings in anyone who dabbles in time magic.” She tells their staff to transmit an alert to all 7 Stars offices that we’re offering all chronomancers refuge and safety.

We discuss plans to disguise ourselves as the other crew and follow the route. Finn pipes up and I hand him a brush and tell him to brush my tail as the adults talk. (BURN)

Dis, River Styx, Arboria, 5 -6 other places have doors to the Citadel of the Planes. Highly conflicted info though. Every room is someplace else. The OTHER Vedis had a key to the Citadel, didn’t they? Where’s the key? Lenata
could ask the Plane where the door was.

Flashback to Communicating With Dead to get answers from the Other Vedis about the Citadel of the Planes and the key he had.

3 inches behind the wooden seahorse. – where is the key – on the headboard in the captain’s bed – found a psionic trap that I disable. Open to find a small iron key 2-3 inches long. I take the key and poof back to the group.

where were the pods being delivered? -Tears of Selune in Realmspace.

How do we contact your delivery source? – Stationary orbit around the leading edge of the Trailing Tears.

Vedis ceremonially burns the other captain and Kenari scoffs “Sure, she sets a fire on the ship and it’s a ritual!” XD

We talk about Vedis and her Maenad Ritual Looting upon death and Kenari makes notes “Tell people it’s part of my religion…” XD

Flashback over, I describe the weird sphere that I saw in the Armory and ask if she can tell anything about it. Kenari theorizes… if it’s not magical or psionic, how was it so dangerous? Perhaps
it was the casing of the bomb for those radioactive stones? Taj uses their staff to cast a Technomancy spell to try and identify it. It sounds like a privative Nuclear Device!

Taj is pissed that there’s an Illthid base in her home area. She asks for a blood sample from Sapphira and we decide to look on the other ship bridge for it. We debate with Taj and Tavist about joining us
to go after Illithid. “Working for denotes payment doesn’t it?”

We get the other sails and take our ship to go to the Tears while Taj casts Scry on Sapphira with her blood source. 14 minutes of scrying of her on the deck of a ship – Squid Ship. Hadogee in the rigging, Lenata recognizes the starfield – still in this system. Human figure with dark hair, goatee, slightly armored and smarmy figure that Tavist recognizes – Falkirk? Old acquaintance who is dangerous and nuts. Hates everyone but Tavist apparently.

Vy appears and wraps itself around Tavists left shin. She likes you! Lenata communes with the plane while Tavist fixes the ship. Taj pilots the Probe while Lenata pilots the Nomad.

Illiana passed on a message to Tavist through Taj’s nest that one of their subcontractors is on the run because amongst their number is a Chronomancer (one of the other campaigns).


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