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Game Notes 08/13/2021

08/13/2021 GAME NOTESFRIDAY the 13th

Liquid metal scarab looking thing in the middle of the room with the tubes. Klassath checks it out and says it’s a Timerogenesis Tank that Illithids use when experimenting with their subjects. Kenari argues with the others via Message and stomps her foot as she growls. FINE! I’ll watch the ship from the docks.
Lenata takes Ef Utan shopping for magic items and scrolls as the others finish up in the bar as our counterparts leave to head back to their ship. We notice ships coming in, some Egyptian but not Mulhorand, and also some EIN ships. Arrowing class.

Vedis gets us rooms at the brothel. Finn takes up small talk with various ships (Melchior plays bodyguard) as a Seven Stars tradesman on the docks as he tries to gather information. Ef and Lenatta fake shopping while following Vendar and see him pick up his Simi on his shoulder as he disappears into an alchemist shop
before making a bee-line for their ship. Ef and Lenata try to BS the gnome alchemist to see what Vendar got but Ef fails as he doesn’t reveal client purchases. Lenata casts prestidigititation to try and look
like a Vampire and intimidate the Gnome. Spell doesn’t work though. They try just being honest about Illithids. Ef gives him the bag of 2-headed silver coins as a bribe. The gnome provides
him an ingredients list and then some complicated street directions to get to a spell shop in The Canopy.

We see stuff being carried in, pretty normal supplies, etc. Klassath notices a trio of Githyanki warriors in hunting garb and hides even more as a result. They have an animated conversation about the ship and then keep going.
I notice in the crowd a few pockets of Egyptian style people of different varieties, Two seem humans, but the third one is majority non-human. I see a figure go onto the ship and a face
that seems really familiar. A figure of a a female tiefling, tight ass. SAPPHIRA! With both hands and looking hale and hardy, and even more gothy and then heads below decks after talking to the crew boss.

Klassath follows the Githyanki as Kenari and Etsuriko argue about setting the ship on fire to alert the cops. No, don’t destroy my ship! Your ship? Not so long ago you argued against stealing it and now it’s your ship…

Ef reads the ingredients and Melchior says 1/3 of it sounds like a hangover cure.

Klassath follows the githyanki as they slip down an alleyway. He sees a “darkside candle” around the corner and a group of githyanki with their back to him and across from them are 3 other figures. One pulls the hood back and it’s a Githzari.

Githyanki want to conquer (Romulans). Githzari don’t (Vulcan). Both agree Illithid want to die however. Still very odd that they’re talking together as they hate each other only slightly less than Illithids. He sees some pale pirates as well.
They pull out a jewel and it hangs in the air as a silence spell activates. An animated discussion ensues between them and he tries to sneak closer. They are Shasalkoo (?) and ovetures from that organization to the pirates – to be successful we must
adhere to the RULE OF THREE. Pirates are interested but skeptical, but are willing to listen because the both are there pitching the idea of UNIFICATION. They mention a distubing rise of Illithid activity
in general. Klassath reveals himself and mentions the ship. They are furious at the thought. The Dockmaster is the only thing keeping them from taking it down. Klassath reveals our plan to overtake the
ship in transit. One of the warriors thinks he knows Klassath as a renegade. Anyone who opposes our Queen is a friend of mine.

  • Rumors are that Falks Space has been found. There were 2 great Prime Material homeworlds for the Illithds: Penumbra and Falks Space: Starsystem of Illthid worlds.
    The planet Faragos in Falks Space is where Githyanki ancestors were born before they made slaves.*

Finn gathers info – tries to intimidate the dock worker. They’re bodies, but they’re staying on the ship! Now go away!

Ef and Lenata follow directions that end up at a hole in the ground. How bad do you want these spells, Lenata? Really bad! Ef decides to Use Magic to get TRUE directions to the shop because he’s tired
of Gnomes messing with the tall people. They get to the shop and Lenata asks for he scrolls as Ef looks around and says to the the Living Rune “If you’ll be good I’ll be good.” They’ve got the Fools
Teleport but not the Gilded Whispers one. They go to get something to eat while the scrolls get copied.

Klassath – he rejoins KEnari and Etsuriko.

Melchior wants to go shopping at the Alchemists so he can get some dust of sneezing/choking to make some nasty ammo. SUCCESS. Finn buys some alchemist fire (5) to encourage Kenari and get Etsurikos eyes off of him. He also buys a bottle of highly potent alcohol.

Vedis chills in the brothel and tries to get people to sing sea shanties with her. She’s drunkenly off key but gets some of the hookers in pirate gear to sing along with her.

Kenari and Klassath have philisophical discussions about the Athar and gods while they smoke a pipe and Etsuriko meditates with “Don’t let Kenari set anything on fire.”


Next morning – We all meet at the docks to get passage on the ship. Most of the crew we see are humans or Maenads. Wait here for the captain on deck. No thanks, Kenari flicker steps up into the Crows Nest.

Simi perches on Vendar’s shoulder as he greets the group. Finn attempts to seduce the captain with alcohol in an attempt to sleep in a good room. You are aware what the Captain keeps in his room, right? (wink wink nudge nudge)

Vedis invites Vedar to lunch at Finn 3rd wheels that shit. (jokes about threesomes abound).

On the ship – A rogue Modrone wanders up the docks. I see another glimpse of Sapphira wandering around talking to crew before she goes below decks again.

We take off in the ship through the Astral Plane.


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