Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Game Notes 07/30/2021

We debate how best to sneak aboard our duplicate ship to see if we need to steal it or work with our duplicates to obtain use of the ship.

Suddenly the air pressure increases and Etsuriko’s eyes roll up as she crumples onto the ground. Down the street in shadows looks like the bastard child of a cephalopod and a gorilla peeking out of the edge of a building staring at us. Finn shoots it, I port in and hit it before running out again. Lenatta casts Fireball.
Crates burst into flames. It stands up about 12ft tall like a Neanderthal Illithid as it snarls and charges with 3 ft long tentacles waving as it grabs Klassath. Melchior shoots it repeatedly and kills it.
Murlynd watches out for us all, whether you believe or not. Klassath – Oh I believe, I just think he’s a guy, not a god.

Will saves again as Kenari falls unconscious. Swarms of cranium rats attack. Vedis casts a cold energy push. Lenata sees a bigger, bulkier Illithid out the window of the warehouse carrying a mace and chain.
Illithid cultists of Thune, says Klassath. Klassath ports out and runs after where he thinks it went. Ef and Melchior ran after it. Finn looks around the warehouse and doesn’t see out of ordinary. I grab Lenatta
and port outside to follow them. Finn feels drained of power points as he fails a Will save. The feeling of being watched is gone.

Vedis attempts to cut the head off of the dead Illithid beast to show the authorities.

Klassath follows a Nerve Runner and attacks it with its chain and steps on it as it smokes.

Finn looks around the warehouse and finds a concealed compartment in the floor with light scripting. Since I’m not there to laugh at him he tries to open the compartment. He opens it to find not much other
than a few pieces of parchment written in archaic Elvish. Seems to be correspondence regarding Leafbower and negotiations between two unknown parties. Notes on ways back between some of the alternates with some who know the ways between the worlds: Sapphire Mage, Mordekainan of Earth, Elminster (heard on Mulhorand). Greyhawk seems to be a nexus point where you can slip between worlds with references made to The Silver Mount that lies in the Barrier Peaks.

Kenari sees that they’re gone and gets out of the rain back in the warehouse as everyone finishes their search and comes back to the warehouse. Vedis decides to march back to the docks to find
an authority she can report the illithid to. The Foreseen guards decide to come to her as she calls out to them and explains what happened. They say they’ll be caught in 15 minutes or so and takes possession
of the head as Vedis fills out forms.

The weather recedes as the time storm fades away. Finn wants to transcribe the pages, sign them, and place the copy back into the compartment. One of the Foreseen is standing behind him watching with amusement.
as Finn bluffs his way out of it. Whoever finds this in the future is going to credit me for it!

Vedis wants to find where our alternate selves went while some of us check out the ship. We walk to the dock areas to find the ship when Klassath has to make another will save. (fails- unknown reason)

Vedis has to make a will save (makes – unknown reason)

Ef and Klassath see a male maenad dressed like the captain standing on a street corner rolling dice with some unsavory half orcs and fiends. An Egyptian styled Canine female stands behind him.
Klassath reasons that they wouldn’t know him so he goes up to play dice. Ef watches behind looking for variants. Finn goes with Klassath to act like the financial backer at the dice game.
Kenari nudges Etsuriko – I think it’s just you and me again.

Male Vedis passes Vedis a drink. Klassath fakes taking a drink. Elven Absinth.

Etsuriko and I continue to the docks to check out the ship. The name is The Probe which is different. Some of the flags are there (7 stars, Oerth Home Port-Hold of the Sea Princes – Bastard Son of one of the Sea Princes)
Kenari argues the moral logic of why we need to steal the ship. You’re the one who wanted your own ship, right? Let’s at least check it out to make sure if they’re evil or not.

Conversation carries on in the dice game as male Vedis says to Klassath: “Pardon, but you might know. What are rumors about you people invading a Prime World called Faragoss?”

Klassath “No idea, I’m a bit of a black sheep with my people.”

These are stories about them laying waste to Prime kingdoms, not Illithds. Well that’s not a good thing, says Klassath. Oh yeah, some of the apocryphal legends about where we came from. It’s the mythic
world where we started before the Illithid.

Wait, what? says our Vedis while Male Vedis takes notice of her. Oh no, you’re Aunt Mitzies kid, aren’t you? I’ve been trying to get away from family. (F) Vedis offers to buy (M) Vedis a drink.
Canine Kenari (Kendar) is more Anubis styled and a stiff, formal Shifter. They don’t drink, but meals work fine. Finn BSes his way into the private room with drinks with the Vedises as she introduces him as her lawyer.

Klassath takes his gambling losses and joins Etsuriko and Kenari by the ship.

(m) Vedis is here looking for something. He pulls out a scroll and it looks like odd looking rooms. I’ve got a key, I can get in if I can find the doors. Every room of the structure exists on a different plane.
It’s on the Prime, I’ve got a key to the door, I’ve just got to find it. It’s got a room in the City of Dis. Finn knows it’s not House of 7 Stars. Doors in Shadow, Elysium, Isgard, Aboria, Abyss, Astral, Water, Carchery and the Prime.
The Citadel of the Planes according to legends. Finn has heard of it, supposedly really old (Treaty of Two Skies between the Gith people-old). Vedis informs him that Lenata can speak with the planes if
you need assistance. I’m not hurting for cash flow, so maybe we can exchange something else? What do you know of the Illithid? If we can get your assistance with transportation back to the Prime, it would be a lot faster
if we could catch a lift back to Greyhawk. Why do you want to get there anyway? He rolls up the scroll and says “I have my reasons.”

We scope out the ship when Klassath appears. The crew is predominantly Maenads apparently. I port Klassath and myself where the Captains Cabin should be. Medieval 60s guy pad. I attempt to deactivate the locked desk.
Klassath finds a secret panel in the bed post and a small door in the wall where there shouldn’t be any rooms. I unlock the desk while he checks out the bed post to find a slender wand that he leaves inside to check out the odd door.
Secret Sex Toy Stash in the dimensional footlocker.

I look through the desk and paperwork. Seems reasonably above board with trading but find a hidden door in the back of the desk. Papers rolled up tight like scrolls. Private correspondence or marching orders
- this crew are looking for the Citadel of the Planes and any information or to capture anyone experimenting with time magic. Correspondence with the Harmonium and some high profile bounty hunters.
I wonder what the Harmonium would have to do with this as Ef answers and Etsuriko theorizes that the Illithids probably took them over. Etsuriko hears voices in the hall and we port off the ship and notice that some of the crew are having a difference of opinion

with the dock staff. There’s a Cone of Silence so I flicker step over and hide as I try to read lips. There’s a disagreement about unnamed cargo that no one wants to specifically name. Oh that’s not good.
If the cargo is slaves, we’ve got some liberating to do.

Vedis and Finn make transportation deals with the (m) Vedis. check back tomorrow as we take care of cargo. We port into the cargo hold real quick. I crack a sunrod and Etsuriko sees that this is Xixchill work in the cargo hold. They’ve got 80 people in stasis being shipped
like cargo. Yup… slaves.


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