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Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Etsuriko Chia San Toreneko - Journal 4

IRL Game Date 8.14.2020

So it’s not long after killing and sending the Angel back that we are stopped by Archons on the road. You really CAN NOT do anything here without someone watching. We’re greeted by quite the group too, 20 at least – so they are at least taking us seriously. Two of the Tome Archons take the Captain and Melchior off to the side for a “chat”. I am glad not to be them.

The Archons telepathically address the rest of us and say thank you for handling the danger (spies!) and then send us on our way. We get to the Monastery in fairly short order after that. I’m thinking they’d like us to go already. The Monastery is…impressive. To say the least. As we are standing there staring at it, I notice that people sort of appear all around us. Travel in this plane is odd and unnecessarily unsettling.

We are greeted by a functionary at the door who inquires after our business. Without beating around the bush, I inform him that we would like to use the portal inside the Monastery and go to Sigil. And apparently I have failed again at diplomacy as the functionary quietly flips out and quickly leads us inside. I definitely did not realize this was a secret portal. Sweet dumplings, this place and its secrets and rules.

We are led to a small room and another – somewhat more important functionary arrives. He asks my name and within moments a scroll flies into his hands and as he is reading the scroll, I realize he’s reading about me! What the… that’s not intrusive or anything.

He informs us that someone else will want an audience with us and offers us tea. While we are waiting, he teaches me the Chadao Benediction. An interesting piece of occult ritualized magic using the tea ceremony to provide one’s companions with benefits in advance of a battle.

After the ceremony and after cooling our heels (so to speak) for a bit longer, we are eventually joined by Ganam – who identifies himself as the Assistant Librarian for this facility. He addresses Lenata and inquires if she is of the Blood of Metabriel – which she acknowledges. Ganam goes on to explain that too many know that the group is looking for Rempha. He warns everyone to be careful and then gives Lenata a missive from her ancestor. He also warns us: “Be careful of divinations. The threads of fate are tangled around you.”

We are led through the library – scrolls everywhere – down through the lower levels to the very end where there is a small archway. Ganam puts a small scroll through the archway and a portal opens. The Archons appear suddenly with the Captain and Melchior and we all walk through the portal. It’s raining on Sigil. Of course.

We head to the Manor and check out the Golarion System on the map in the Temple of Celestian. Castrovel is in the Golarian system….I can’t quite place that name – something to do with the fleet – then Lenata says it’s a legendary Elven homeworld. Lenata opens the scroll from her ancestor. It advises her: To reach your goal you must fly past where the phlogiston ends. The stargate is in Darnanon.

This sets of something of a debate amongst everyone. Do we go to Darnanon, go to Akiton to find Rempha or go about finding the materials (gems, navimas, dead god parts) needed to cast the spell to find the irregularities in the timeline. So I have to say – I’m not really sure what all this group has going on… Seems sort of scattered and clearly I need to spend some time getting some back story from these guys. But whatever gets decided – we are clearly going to be spending some time shipbound, so maybe I can get caught up.

Eventually Lenata decided to talk to her friend and his mother, Admiral Leafblower (SERIOUSLY??) to see if we can get permission to pass the EIN and go to Darnanon. Kenari heads off researching stuff and Ef Utan goes map shopping. Finn goes through his EIN channels as well. Eventually, I get word that we are going to be taking off and I pack for the journey.

As I approach their ship, The Nomad, a hammership – I see some elves in Fleet uniforms leaving. Turns out they dropped off some crates of gadabouts for us to deliver to Darnanon.

I have to say – this ship is…unique. It’s haunted, apparently and periodically the walls drip blood. It’s disconcerting at first but you get used to it. After four days in the sphere – we finally enter the phlogistin. Also, the first mate is a Hadozee which is definitely comforting. Never fly without one, I say.

Our first night in the phlogistin – I wake from a sound sleep – sit up and say NAVIMAS! Damn it – we have that at the lab in the Manor!!!


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