Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Etsuriko Chia San Toreneko - Journal 23

IRL Game Date 8/13/21

A spirited argument ensues. I am not much for social sneaking, so at first I propose just storming out of the hold and taking the ship. The Captain argues forcefully for waiting – letting us board the ship – get out of the City (and away from the Foreseen) and then taking the ship. We know that slavery is generally frowned up here, but not outright banned. Probably explains the dock staff arguing with the crew – but as long as this cargo stays on the ship, the dock – and therefore the DockMaster – are going to stay away from it.

Despite my general inability to lie convincingly, I do agree with the Captain. Kenari, however, is not so easily convinced. Especially after Klasath announces that the weird capsule in the middle of the hold is some kind of Illithid technology used when they want to experiment on someone.

It takes some fast talking, but we eventually get Kenari off the ship by agreeing to keep watch on it. Klasath, Kenari and I pick a spot and setltle in. Lenata and Ef Utan decide to follow Captain Verdan (so that’s his name) to see what he gets up to. The Captain, Fyn and Melchior decide to stay at the bar.

While we are perched there, we see an EIN fleet ship – one of the fast escort varieties. The Captain ultimately decides that we need are rooms in a brothel. So she heads out to secure some. Ef Utan and Lenata see Captain Verdan head into an alchemist’s shop. When Captain Verdan comes out, he heads straight back towards the ship. Lenata and Ef Utan decide to try to find out what he’s been buying.

The ship is busy – the regular loading and unloading of supplies. Nothing seems of particular note. Klasath notices Githyanki warriors in hunting garb and decides to follow them. Kenari perks up when a female shows up on the ship – SAPHIRA! But realizes it can’t be her Saphira? Who is her Saphira? Kenari and I have a long conversation about NOT lighting the ship on fire. I keep trying to point out that lighting the ship on fire is only going to get HER arrested by the Foreseen, but she’s not having any of it. Ef Utan transmits the list of ingredients Captain Verdan bought and Melchior chimes in that about 1/2 of them seem like hangover cures.

Klasath spots the Githyanki meeting with Githyazi and pirates…apparently the two Gith races will put aside their differences when it comes to Illithid. Also, RULE OF THREE. He tells them about the ship and they are angry (and ready to take it – so let’s keep them away from Kenari) but he manages to convince them we have it in hand. They tell him that there are rumors that Felk’s space has finally been found. When I hear this, I find myself praying that it is true. To find the Illithid stronghold and to attack them there. That would be glory.

Ef Utan and Lenata manage to get some shopping done. I meditate through part of the night. Most of the crew spends the night at the brothel. I apparently missed drunken sea shanties, which is a shame as I do love singing sea shanties.

At 11 bells the next morning we all come together and board the ship. They have us sit out of the way while they prepare to disembark. The Captain greets us and is happy to realize it’s really just passenger and we have no real cargo. At some point I realize that Fyn is trying to get the best bed in the ship by getting in the Captain’s bed. There’s a whole weird interlude with Fyn and Verdan and Vedis and ultimately I set to studying the crew and ignoring the conversation.

Eventually the ship takes off and following the directions of the Foreseen, we find ourselves in the Astral.

Anya, the next time we are in Greyhawk I will post these notes to you. I hope you are well. Rest assured I am doing my best to keep an eye on your Uncle.



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