Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Etsuriko Chia San Toreneko - Journal 22

IRL Game Date 7.30.21

As K’Chak fades away, I study the lavender snow. A few minutes later Klasath appears. Fyn reappears. The Captain and Lenata are discussing checking out the Nomad – when the air pressure in the room suddenly weighs me down and a blazing headache erupts behind my left eye.
I wake up and realize I had missed a fight with a giant gorilla cephalapod thing. Melchior damn near tore it in half shooting it. And there must have been a fireball because crates are cheerily burning. As I’m sitting up that pain erupts behind my eye again, but this time I shake it off. Melchior grabs his head yelling OW. Kenari falls over. Ef Utan spots a pod of brain rats (ugh – not those again) and hits them with diamond spray while the Captain hits them with some kind of psionic power. Lenata points to the window and yells about one of those mace wielding Illithid.

Melchior and Ef Utan race outside after the thing. Klasath follows and finds a nerve runner – he starts chasing it down. Kenari gets up, grabs Lenata and teleports them after Klasath. The Captain and Fyn grimace simultaneously and then Fyn looks drained. But we no longer feel watched. Klasath kills the nerve runner while Ef Utan does an aerial reconnaissance. And the Captain decides to take the head of the gorilla thing as proof for the Foreseen.

While Kenari is gone, Fyn decides to search the room. He comes up with a concealed compartment in the floor and gets it open. He finds a scroll with some elvish writing – but I don’t pay much attention to what it’s about.

The Captain finally disconnects the head and goes looking for authority – but they are coming straight to her. So lucky her – she gets a half hour of paperwork for her troubles. And they take the head. I note that the storm is fading. I also see Fyn trying to keep from the Foreseen guard whatever he is doing with those docs. I think about asking him loudly, but decide against it.

We have a lively debate over taking the Nomad. Some of the group are arguing that it’s not really stealing as it is already “their” ship.

As we are walking away from the docks, Ef Utan and Klasath notice that the male Vedis – also a Maenad – standing on a corner playing dice – guarded by a female dog humanoid…Oh, the other Kenari.

Klasath joins the game. Vedis rolls up, but the male Captain doesn’t notice her. Kenari and I decide to go sneak on the ship to check it out. The name is The Probe. So this really isn’t our ship. The flags are different too. This one has a 7 Stars flag, but also one for the Hold of the Sea Prince – turns out this one may be one of the bastard sons. It doesn’t look like this one is haunted.

Kenari and I argue the ethics of stealing this ship. For the record, it is easier to run through wet sand than argue ethics with a cat.

Eventually the dice game breaks up and the Captain is able to get her “cousin” into a private room. Fyn winds up in there. So does everyone else. Klasath joins Kenari and I at the ship. The Githyanki is quiet, I will give him that.

Kenari decides we will teleport into the Captain’s cabin. We do so and start searching. Well, they start searching, I’m keeping a listen on the halls. Kenari finds and disables traps in the Captain’s desk. Klasath finds the Captain’s secret stash of sex toys. So there is a benefit to not being able to find traps and such. Kenari starts whispering as she reads the correspondence. This group has been hired to find the Citadel of Plains and anyone working with time magic. The correspondence is with the Harmonium and some bounty hunters. We briefly discuss how or why the Harmonium is involved and I reiterate that any bureaucracy is likely to be infiltrated by Illithid. We hear noises out in the hall and jump back out to the dock. While on the docks we notice a rather animated argument happening between dock staff and ship’s crew. Kenari moves to get a better vantage point and notes that they are debating “cargo” while carefully not describing what the cargo is.

The Captain strikes a deal with ….well, the Captain – and it’s agreed that he will take us all passenger and get us back to Grey space. We get this from Ef Utan who is running a message spell with almost all of us.

But Kenari declares we must check the cargo hold and so back in we go. There are about 40 tanks, running along the outside of the hold – each tank holds two forms – PEOPLE. Who appear to be in some kind of stasis. There is no consistency as to race or form among these people – we quickly realize that these must be chronomancers. Kenari curses “Fuck these people.” So we’re going to steal a ship.


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