Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Etsuriko Chia San Toreneko - Journal 21

IRL Game Date 7.16.21

Fyn has also disappeared. The Captain is gone. As is Klasath. We are standing in the rain – trying to work out where they could have gone. Ef Utan starts searching the perimeter. Kenari tells us we haven’t shifted, we are where we were (and she’d know), but the others have shifted away from us. The view of the sky is shifting rapidly. Multi-colored clouds are forming overhead that look like the Phlo, but can’t be.

There is a purple lightning strike and then the Captain is back with Violet. She is accompanied by a large insect – not a xichil – one I haven’t seen before. Another human has appeared as well – long brown hair, carrying a parasol. Melchior startles and his hand floats near, but does not grab, his gun. The Captain points at the giant insect and yells “Friend!” Melchior apologizes “I’m not used to beings such as you” and shakes the bug’s “hand”.

The group starts comparing notes on dates. Leodette (the pale human) says when she is from it is the year 5039. For us it is the year 5052. But for C’Chak the year is 319 After Gap. I remember hearing about the gap from Melisandre – so he is from her time. Ef Utan asks Leodette “who the hell are you anyway?” At that point, Kenari proposes stepping into the warehouse.

The group starts having a long conversation – I don’t have anything to contribute to it so I only minimally pay attention. Kenari does a fantastic job of summing it up. I do catch Leodette mentioning that the “time docks” here are only open once every thousand years for one week. It occurs to me that this would be a fantastic way for the Illithids to slip from one place to another – but don’t interrupt the group.

As Kenari is wrapping it up (there’s a lot), Leodette announces that she is actually chronomancer and she’s being hunted by the harmonium (who are apparently dimensional cops and she doesn’t know why – probably they’ve been infiltrated by Illithids – like probably every meaningful bureaucracy everywhere is – but I keep that to myself too).

Kenari eventually pulls out the Sapphire Mage’s journal and C’chak and Leodette pour over it. Leodette does something to the journal and it starts projecting images and scripts – but everyone seems to be seeing something different. The script is referencing “exotic matter”. Whatever that is. K’chak says something about how it fuels…ships. He’s talking about ships from his time period. He’s pretty sure he could duplicate whatever is in the book eventually.

There’s more conversation. Apparently we have some exotic matter courtesy of the tiny model time machine from Wells. Leodette feeds it energy and it grows. C’chak pulls out a planar key – turns out it is to the Planet of Eberron in Shardspace. There’s a long conversation where Kenari tries to explain the function of planar keys to C’Chak. Melchior and I take up posts by the windows to keep a look out. The weather is worse…and it’s raining frogs. Which you don’t see every day.

So there’s some more conversing – Leodette knows of some gates from here to Sigil. Which would get us back to Greyhawk a hell of a lot quicker than we got here. It’s ultimately decided to give Leodette the Mage’s journal as she is most likely to get some use out of it. She feeds the exotic matter again and it grows some more. C’Chak spends some time scanning all of the planar keys…I don’t really understand how he’s “scanning” them, but it takes up some time. Turns out Leodette has a key to Mechanus – that’s where Secundus the Modron should be – so Kenari tells Leodette that.

The rain is now sideways. And filled with lizards. That is new. Melchior and I spot a Hammership coming in for a landing.

Leodette tells us about an Illithid who remained himself. Strom Wakeman. The other Illithids call him The Adversary. I’d like to find that guy.

Leodette tells us she can feel herself being pulled and then fades away. C’Chak gives us his key and in response Ef Utan, Kenari and Lenata give him a bunch of stuff from their bags. It’s kind of like watching them clear out their closets.

C’Chak uses some device to view the ship – it’s our Nomad. But there is a tall, skinny male Captain on the deck. But…it’s our Nomad. So that’s convenient.


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