Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Etsuriko Chia San Toreneko - Journal 16

IRL Game Dates 3.12.21 and 3.26.21

We’ve been on the move quite a bit, so I am trying to catch up on these notes to you.

After we leave the Gatekeeper’s office we spend a bit of time shopping. Everyone is looking for something special. After shopping we go to back to the Manor. The Captain heads back to the ship to let everyone know that we will be gone for a while. She talks to Grim about wood for trading on Carrigmore (your Uncle’s newest obsession). We gather up our gear and head through the city to the Portal to Carrigmore (near the Hive). Ef Utan and Fyn are leading the way and by their guidance we are luckily able to avoid all the oozes, slimes, mini-trash portals. The usual.

The portal is down an alley on the side of a nasty little hive bar that’s guarded by a weird little demon. He watches us as we head down the alley towards the portal (so luckily all of Sigil will know how we left and where we are headed). I go last to keep watch and as I’m looking down the alley, I see a mischief of rats with exposed brains and white glowing eyes watching us as we pass through the portal. Even better, know the Illithid know where we are headed as well.

As I step out of the portal, the first thing I realize is that the air here is horrible. Nasty and rank. We are in a large domed city on an asteroid that floats around the planet’s core. We are on a side street near a large curved building with swooping sides and deep flat stairs leading up. The first thing Kenari notices is the prevalence of slaves on the street. So it’s that kind of place.

We head in and Ef Utan (who is from here so what the hell?) manages to almost get us arrested just by talking to a clerk at the counter. Fyn worked his magic and was able to smooth over the transgression. We find out that Corbus has remained independent here and was last in town about 2 weeks ago He only comes through every 1-2 months and it’s rumored that he’s currently doing business with the Cavendish family. A powerful local family who are heavily into intoxicants. It is rumored that they may be trading in fate eater flesh. I picture one of those creatures and shudder – who would willing eat that?

As I am watching the crowd, I catch sight of a tall, gaunt elf in strange, fleet-like armor. He’s tall enough to stand out and, frankly, there aren’t a lot of non-humans around here.

We head outside and stand off to the side discussing our options. As we do so, I notice an older woman, nicely dressed (though her clothes may have seen better days) sneaking towards us with a funny smile on her face. She’s pointing at Ef Utan and those of us who can see her don’t say anything to him. She gets behind him and reaches up and snatches his earlobe. Apparently this is his Aunt Gertrude. She gives him plenty of grief and demands to know where he’s been and what he’s been doing since he left Carrigmore.

After a brief conversation Aunt Gertrude agrees we can stay with her I notice as we are walking through the streets that members of at least two other factions make a point of avoiding Aunt Gertrude. Apparently this woman is a power here, which is good to know. We get to her house – a giant mansion – that is slowly decaying. Lenata and Ef Utan spend some time doing their best to mend the house magically. Fyn (oh Anya, this was pretty priceless) sets to work on Aunt Gertrude pitching his wood trading idea. He gets nowhere. Less than nowhere, he failed pretty spectacularly. He managed to irritate her people in the process. Your Uncle does not often fail at negotiations, so it was really…nice…it was just so nice to watch him fall over on his face this time.

At dinner Aunt Gertrude demands to know why we are really there. We tell her a simplified version of events. Summing up with “we are really trying to save the world.” That one gets you the oddest looks. Aunt Gertrude agrees to make inquiries on our behalf.

In the meantime, everyone except Fyn and I decide to go to the fights to see if they can gamble and win free some slaves. Truthfully, I think the Captain may have just been spoiling for a fight. I stay to play “bodyguard” to Fyn who is valiantly trying to continue negotiations.

Eventually, Fyn is able to get some info on a Cavendish contact who may be able to help us – Justin Cavendish. He writes to Justin and after sending the letter, we head off to the fights.

We arrive having missed the Captain’s fight (apparently it was quick as she blew some poor contestant’s brains out). Kenari almost dyed trying to recover some Ioun Stone from someone….not sure what’s up there. Some other fight we missed. In the rink is a desert dweller, tall & lanky, carrying a pair of curved bone swords (they are gorgeous). Ef Utan is acting like he’s drunk as he jumps into the ring. The crowd seems to be buying this act, as the odds against him are 5 to 1. The fight is over quickly – the desert dweller really didn’t stand a chance. The swords are nice though. We puzzle over the coins he’s carrying – why does a desert dweller here on Carrigmore have a currency called bits that you find in Little Tyr on Sigil?


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