Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Episode 3

Bytopian Busking, Portal Keys and A Pillowfight

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Vedis stands before the Temple of Morpheus in the Lady’s Ward staring into the mist that fills its doorway. On one side a statue of a dragon peers down at her while on the other a gryphon statue does the same. Entering the temple she wanders through the mists, images and faces forming and dissipating in the vapors that surround her. Eventually she finds a plain, waist height offering table piled high with a variety of oddments. A wooden toy cockatrice, a scrimshawed cameo, a brilliantly colored feather and more. offering table in Having little else she leaves a few pieces of gold as an offering.

She stands there, waiting to see if there is any response from within the mists. After five or six minutes of noting nothing she turns only to see a vision of The Spelljammer, ten feet across at least, roar through the mists towards her and passingly through her like a ghost.

“Okay, got it, thank you.” She leaves the Temple and has Kylie guide her back to the Temple of Celestian.

Ef Utan guides Kenari back to The Lady’s Ward and the Temple after Sapphira stomps out muttering about how this time she will kill her father. Delivering her to the Temple of Celestian he then heads for the Market to make some inquiries of Planewalker’s Guild members.

Meanwhile Kenari finds Lenata hard at work doing research. Convincing her to take a break the cat-folk steers the conversation to “those strange weapons of yours.” After a while she convinces Lenata to set up a target in the empty temple foyer and show her how they work.

As Vedis enters the temple she hears a loud report, obviously a star-wheel pistol. As she peers into the foyer she sees Kenari, swishing her tail rapidly as she picks herself up off the ground, one of Lenata’s dragon pistols smoking in her hand and a huge grin on her face.

“What the F**K was that?” booms a voice from the halls above as priests of all ranks appear to see what the ruckus is all about. Confiscating her firearm from the cat-folk Lenata goes into overdrive with the fast talk. After a long debate she manages to get them out of trouble, but they have been now been warned to behave themselves. As they exit they notice several of the novices, and one or two actual priests, giving them big grins and thumbs ups!

The three retire to the room they’ve been given, firming up a resolve to imbibe heavily by the time they reach the room. Making good on that they finish three bottles of wine in near record time.

A novice arrives, one of the ones who enjoyed the excitement of their star-wheel episode in the foyer. After answering a few questions and getting their requests for more wine Devon, the novice, leaves just as someone takes a blow to the face from a pillow.

The room rapidly fills with a cloud of feathers as the three engage in a pillow-fight of epic proportions. Ef Utan arrives at the door just in time to see the Kenari leap and pounce on Vedis dropping her to the floor. “I didn’t know you could PLAY!” she exclaims, grinning ear to ear. Ef Utan clears his throat and the they stop, although one last pillow sails through the air past his head.

After the bout they sit and talk amongst the cloud of slowly settling feathers. Ef Utan relates info he got that morning from his Planewalker’s Guild contact- Basically hide the tattoos and find a specialist on The Primes.

Calling it a night they go to sleep. The next warning Devon the novice wakes them with three bags. In one is the map of Sigil they wanted, another is full of feathers, the third contains the remains of a vase broken in the pillow-fight. Lenata immediately reconstructs it using a make whole spell.

Making contact with Kylie they arrange, at the cost of 100 gold, to locate a sage or magus specializing in The Prime. She tells them it will take a day or two.

Ef Utan suggest that since Sapphira still has not shown up that they take a field trip to Bytopia and buy some cheese. “They have the best cheese there, trust me!” Agreeing the four make their way through a gate in the MArket Ward, exiting in the midst of a gnomish metropolis on the Bytopian layer of Shurrock. The group spend their afternoon shopping amongst the gnomes while the wilder realm of Dothian floats over head.

After a while they stop and Vedis starts singing. Kenari, being a former temple dancer, cannot resist and begins to perform. Getting into the spirit of the thing Ef Utan drops into guard made and Lenata plays barker passing he hat amongst the crowd. They make 47 pieces of silver over the course of the afternoon. As they head back to the portal Ef Utan explains that since it is Bytopian in origin Prime mages and scholars would pay far more for it.

As the go through the portal Ef Utan immediately realizes they are walking into danger. A mere twenty five feet away from The Lady of Pain looks in the constant Sigilian drizzle as she is flays a small group of mind flayers in the street. As the others come though behind him Ef Utan immediately tells them to shut up and follow him quickly, making great haste to leave. For reason he points at the bladed figure of The Lady and the illithids being torn to ribbons as though by a whirlwind of invisible razors. Everyone falls into step and get out of the area as quickly as possible.

Once they have a few blocks between themselves and bloodshed Ef Utan explains that The Lady keeps the Kriegenstanz, the peace between the factions, and generally is only seen when meting out punishment. It is she who prevents the Powers from entering Sigil, and she also intervenes, but only on events that could disrupt The Cage. Those punishments are usually either by flaying or by banishing the punished to a maze that is itself a sealed pocket dimension. Either fate being permanent and fatal.

Somewhat unnerved they return to the Celestian temple. Upon entering Lenata is informed that she has been added to the work schedule and is on kitchen duty in an hour.

The next morning Kylie delivers info on their Prime specialist- a githzerai sage named Gezria, a specialist on the crystal spheres. They pay him a visit him and get directions to a portal to Spiral, in Bral’s star-system and some tidbits of info on “The Broken Sphere.” He directs them to Lissandra the Gatekeeper to find out the portal key. As they prepare to leave Lenata shows him her tattoo. The old githzerai is transfixed and very curious, immediately grabbing her arm pulling it close for examination.

Kylie directs them to Lissandra’s, a long line before the entrance. The tout tells them not to worry. Lissandra is out and they should leave a note with the info they seek and a place to reach them. They do so and return to the Temple of Celestian to consider the info.

Later that day a courier arrives with a message from Sapphira. It seems that thanks to her father she has been “detained” and is currently locating the proper loophole needed to get released.

Time Elapsed – Sigil: 2 days | Bytopia: 1 afternoon | Sigil 2 days

Absent: Sapphira | Late: Ef Utan


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