Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Episode 23

Takero and The Nomad

Journal bar loki

Raw notes, soon to be rewritten into tolerable prose

The Dragonfly docks at The Rock of Bral and the crew split up. Vedis Valentine heads for The Laughing Beholder.

Lenata heads for the temple of her god,and is able to obtain information on this Aionias that Kenari Sanura dreamed of. He is known as The Sapphire Mage and is reputed to live in The Castle at The Edge of Time with his apprentice, Montgomery. The castle floats near the edge of the Demiplane of Time somwhere in the trackless expanse of the Deep Etheral.

Meanwile Ef and Ayrun head to a magic shop and purchase a steel bound spellbook. Ef then hits aromaster and the Burrows for info. Hears of 10th PIt/Illithid dealins in Gods Marbles. Ef returns to te sip while Ayrun decides to explore the Rock.

Kenari goes to Library of the Spheres and finds a single reference to Aionias as living in the Castle at The Edge of Time. Also reads up on Unhuman Wars, Bionoids, Witchlight Marauders, and Spirit Warriors. No reference to orc breeding programs.

All meet back at the ship except Vedis and Ayrun.

Ef, Kenari and Lenatta go to Luigis. Lenata talks t him in back room. He shares nothing about Helm-Ho but identifies the Queen of Thistles. She is the majordomo to the Khan of Nightmares and is the one who picks combatants foe the Coliseum Morpheuon’s competition once a century. The next games are in about 50 years.

Takero presents himself to Ef and pledges his sword. Lunch and tales at the Burnt Tail. Meet up with Lenata, introduce Takero, fill each other in.

Return to Dragonfly. Leave msg for Vedis at the LBeholder on the way. Courier waiting at dock, message from Tarilia. Your contract has been purchased, details forthcoming. Lenata sends a return msg- who, why, what are our options?

Discovering Vedis pased out in er cabin, reeking of Elven Absinthe, Kenari searche her quarters. After collecting 9 bottles from various hiding places she goes on deck to consult. They decide t see if Hastain would like to buy it, lock Vedis in the hold on their way out.

As they leave an emissary from Tain arrives. Explains that Tain was entranced by the tales of the hold of holding and wants it in order to use as a spare wardrobe. To that end he purchased their sip and contract. In exchange for the current vessel he offers a Hammership. “Well, let’s go hire some crew!”

They check to see if Wilhelmina is available, but she now has her own command – The Flowfish.

The decide to hire 9 Weaponeers, 3 Spacehands, 2 Marines, a first officer and plan to approach Rory about a halfling Cabin Boy.

The Nomad arrives, a ship of the line hammersip. Lenata recalls stories of the ship from about 300 years ago. It is supposed to be haunted. Message from Tains says it was “the most artistic choice.”

Hastains people, an oddly dressed woman and a burly grommam arrive and pay for the Absinthe with 9,000 gp cash. As thay are leaving she turns and hands one bottle back to Ef Utan, With Hastain’s compliments!"


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