Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Episode 22

Test of the Star Archon

These are unedited rough notes. Hope to beat them into readability soon

Case of Elven Absinthe from that elven couple delivered to Vedis before takeoff.

Leave Refuge and cross Flow without incident. Halfway in system in Spiralspace Lenata is on deck wen she sees a Star Archon paving the ship off the prow. Calls others up from below decks. Ef invites it aboard and the figures comes to the deck (12’ tall)

Archon says “The word in the 7 heavans is to expect great things of you so it has been deemed that a test and a prize are in order. See and ye shall find.” Coordinates for a single asteroid in Gods Marbles appears in Lenata’s head.

They set a course with Ayrun piloting and Lenata navigating. Ayrun manages to maneuver through the field only striking two asteroids in the process.

The reach the designated spot, an asteroid about 400’ long by about 85’ thick. Unfortunately the intervening Wildspace is populated by stellar jellyfish about 12’ across. (B2 p170)

Two of the jellyfish make for the ship. Ef loads the ballista up with alchemists fire bolts while L tries to enthrall them. First one makes it aboard, Ef attacks but the slashes from his blade make no difference to the jellyfish. Vedis channels her outburst and and her crytal skin thickens as she manifests construct toughness.

Seeing has swords do little Ef switches one for it’s combat scabbrd, swings at jelly. Slips in it’s goo and falls prone, tries to attack fromt he ground and overextends, lies there flailing about.

Lenata, Ef and Vedis all stung taking damage every round from poison. Kenari beas crap out of it with her pistol butts wile Vedis flails at it with her Bap Stick. Manage to kill both and land on asteroid. Vedis detects low level background psi. Kenari finds tunnel entrance on flipside.

They investigate the tunnel, Kenari hears breathing in the chamer they find but low light vision not enough to see. Lenata noisily moves past Ef and Keanri so she can use her darkvision to investigate. Se camber with shelves of crystal balls, crystal statue of a dragon, two big chests.

They enter and politely address the dragon, which Lenata eteined was the source of the breathing Kenari heard. “Are you ready to be tested?” it asks.

Gives each a gem (except lenata who gets a tile with C symbol on it)

Vedis sees an image of the Queen of Thistles before being knocked back by hers.
LEnata sees a hammership, seemingly in the Ethereal. As it passes she sees vedis and Kenari’s faces in its portholes.
Kenari gets an exploding gem and manages to dodge is shrapnel for three rounds, passing the test.
Ef utan faces a simulacrum that causes fort saves, fails his last one loses 10 Con.

Since Leanta and Kenari passed the test the dragon gives them a budle and tellsthem to leave as the cave will no longer exist in a few moments. Getting abck to the ship they discover Lines of Farlanghan and magical sails.

Hoping it will help them doge the jellyfish on the way out they pull up the lines and sails. Kenari tries use magic device to activeate the sails and thy end up in the Ethereal. Trying again while thinking of Bral they end up back in Gods Marbles where they were before.

Kenari activate the sails again and everything, including our heroes, begins to blaze. It only takes a few second for the catfolk to try again getting them to the Ethereal, but they all suffer extreme burns and the ship has taken a good bit of damage.

Concentrating hard on the ethereal Kenari tries once more to activate the sails. This time it works. They fly in a random direction and return to the Prime wel outside the radius of Gods Marbles.

They set course for the rock of Bral.


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