Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Episode 21

The Elven Imperial Navy

Ayrun and Vedis start at the The Golden Helm for a few drinks and then are off to explore Refuge. The rest wait in the bar until Tavist appears to meet Kenari.

Tavist telss them he sent a message to Alaldan, but getting her on the ship won’t happen. Fleet forces are on lockdown due to the immanent arrivel of the Silverswift with top brass. Also the EIN will pay for info on the big orc.

Msg arrives from Aladan, wants to meet them for drinks so he can thank them for releasing him. Tavist msgs him back to meet at The Puzzled Scavver, a halfing bar, at 8 bells. Tells Ef to seek out Battlepoet of the Elantari about the orc.

Kenari and Tavist get into a card game with an elf wearing fleet colors but no insignia. Introduces himself as Resika Malath, Capt of The Wanderer. They tell om of the orc and it gets his attention.

Ef and Lenata go to The Elantari and meet with the Battlepoet. She tells of ____ wo carved the chess set. He was nown for his satire, weaving and carving. Noted for a tapestry of The Spelljammer.

When they return to the dragonfly they find boxes sent by the elves. Snowberry fire peppers and elven waybread.

8 bells and they meet Tavist and Aladan and head to The Puzzled Scavver. Aladan pour the 500 yr old elven mead from hi family’s wineries in Greyspace. Tells them Silverswift is coming because of the maiden voyage of The Wanderer.

T gets to first base with Kenari, Ef picks up on the female Moon Elf from the EIN that Tavist had brought along.

Aladan and Lenata go home together. Torid night. Tells her his name is Leafbower the next morning. (son of Fanyar Leafbower in Spiralspace)

Big discussion the next morning on the dragonfly about the odd orc. Speculation turns to it possibly being a genetic experiment from the Unhuman Wars. Bar hopping follows, only intersting news is that Wa is buying a lot of helms.

Receive msga from Admiral Leafbower the next morning “It is the meetings brought by the chess set that are important, not the set itself.” Lenata sends a msg to Aladan setting up a dinner date while Vedis lies in her bunk with a fearsome Absinthe hangover.

Ef and Kenari see Hrdheads in market, Ef remembers tales that the Harmonium started on the Prime. A world called Ortho.

That evening Ef, Kenari,a and Leanat meet for romantic trysts with their new mates.

Lenata wakes on the ship and finds Vedis passed out on te forecastle. Gift from Adm Leafbower arrives splendid Sails.

Deciding that a return to the rock of Bral is needed they ship out, as they do so Helm-Ho appears and cackles that “The Queen of Thistles is watching you!”

On the way out of the sytem they see the Silverswift burn past them headed for the planet they just left.


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