Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Episode 17

The Everclimb

Journal bar loki
Note: Only Ef Utan Izenik, Kenari Sanura, and Vedis Valentine in attendance.

After spending the better part of the day shopping in the Market Ward Ef Utan decides to provide diversion by showing the ladies the Infinite Stair. While discussing commision work with Kilmar Quartzbeard he meets another member of the Planewalker’s Guild, Gimras Silveroath. He gets directions on the nearest portal to the Stair and off they go.

They take the Everclimb up to a landing in the style of the Hellenic cultures, all marble and white columns. Upon opening the door they see a pitched battle between two groups, one in the garb of Hellenic centurions and the other dressed in a style almost identical to Mulhorrand.

Seeing two older men in robes hiding behind a knocked over bookcase Kenari activates her ring of invisibility and acrobats her way trough the flying blades.

She talks to the priests and when asked she hesitantly say she was sent by Athena. Getting little from the fear stricken men she vaults back over to the doorway rejoining the others. A moment’s conversation and they decide to enter the fray.

Kenari pulls her starwheel pistol, take aim at a warrior sporting the symbol of Osiris and fires.
It is then that she discovers that guns don’t work here.


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