Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Episode 14

The Tenth Pit Warehouse

Aryun asks for gift certificates.Off to Angel’s in high town bral. Sell enchanted painting for 1500.

LoS – kenari, lenata – Kelson is recovering, chess set (wizards chess)
LaughBeholder- Vedis Glad of quiet since the gang war
Harbormaster.-Aryn, EfUtan, Vedis – IDing gnome ship out of Ironpiece – TheSpiralConstructHamsterddreadnaughtKlashBang on exploration mission

Back to Luigi’s – wait and drink while witing to go investigate Warehouse (Xth Pit)

Leanta Buffs- Shield of Faith Ayrun and Kenari; Bless everyone

Ayrun casts Mage Armor / INvisbility on himself- Kenari uses ring of invis – Watch shipping and receiving thru skylight

Drunken Octopus- Ef, Vedis, LAn wait and observe stree

Vedis – construct toughness on self

Return at 1am – A and K get up on roof. Turn Simmi invis and drop him into the middle of the poker game. “Find the tanglefoot bags. Simmi”

Shootout in the alley, Simmi gets shot.

Bral guard arrives, wiz + giff

They search downstairs, find vacated 10th pit slave diggs.

Argue with magistrate after fingind Sapps hand. Thrown in the Donjon


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