Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Enter Klassath and Kassamir

Taj attempts to Disintegrate a whole in the wall so they can leave. Kenari falls through the hole and lands face to face with the unconscious dude. “Collecting friends? We need to get out of here before the rats show up.”
“Well they want him, so therefore I want him.” Taj. Tavist and Kenari are wracked with psychic pain as Vedis leans in. “Sorry I was busy with the rats. Are we leaving now?”

The rats start to come out towards us on the hull. A large number of Elven ships engaged with Illithids and a green/yellow Smalljammer zipping towards us through the battle.


Interior of the Smalljammer (Klassath and Kassamir)

“What the hell is a sex Midget? I thought it was an action figure!”

“Well technically they’ve got action…”

K: Hey look over there, guys clinging outside the Dreadnaught!

Do they look like they’re screaming? If they’re not screaming it’s not that dramatic.

Well we current hear them anyway we’re in space.

No, we’re in a ship! They look like they’ve got it under control. Pass the whiskey!

I will once we pick them up…


Tavist and Taj fly out of the hole and cast Fireball at the Cranium Rats. Vedis casts an Energy Push (fire) at the rats.


The Smalljammer pulls up and we see Klassath and Kasamir (Page of Spheres). Klassath hands him the bottle and runs out on the bow ready to kill some Illithid.

Kenari drags the body out of the hole and says “Why are we still here? Aren’t we leaving?”

Vedis ghost steps onto the ship and says hi. “We’d love some assistance! Thank you!”

Tavist, Finn, Vedis, and Etsuriko jumps over to the ship. “This bottle is absolutely half empty!”

3 Illithids levitate up from the balcony and stop 20 ft higher than the hull. MIND BLAST 3 PTS OF NON-LETHAL DAMAGESHAKEN (-1) FOR 3 ROUNDS

Melchior leaps across to the hull of the Smalljammer and clings to the side before shooting one of the Illithids and missing.

Tavist casts a Lightning Bolt at the Illithids and then throws the unconscious body to Ef Utan who hops over to the ship with Lenata.

Klassath defies gravity and prepares to attack the Illithids.

Kenari Dimension Doors over to the ship when Black Tentacles errupt around the deck of the Smalljammer. “That was a spell from them. Alhouns”

Kassamir – Hey Ship, I bet you can’t run over those Illithids! This is your captain speaking, looks choppy, fasten your chastity belts as it’s going to be a bumpy flight!"

Two Illithids bounce off to the side but one of them doesn’t and takes ramming damage (bug on the windshield) and caves in the top part of the hull of the Dreadnaught and pissed off his own ship.

Kenari and Etsuriko hear Kasamir arguing with the ship as the others are dealing with Black Tentacles. Etsuriko does a Spring Attack back to the Dreadnaught ship and attacks the remaining Illithids.

The 3rd Illithid waves his hand and disappears from view. Tavist can tell he’s casting Greater Invisibility (arcane) Taj casts Greater Dispel Magic as a reaction. He then shoots 60ft straight up.
Taj casts Lightning Bolt with Breath of the Dragon combined.

Finn attacks the tentacles around him with his Acid Burst sword but they grow back pretty quickly. Vedis throws her mind blade at one of the Illithids. Melchior shoots the bottom Mind Flayer repeatedly.

Tavist flies up to attack the bottom Illithid. Klassath dimension doors to flank the Illithid with Etsuriko. Etsuriko gets grabbed be one of the Illithid tentacles.

Kenari uses Benign Transposition to free Vedis from the Black Tentacles.

Kasamir tries to maneuver the ship over the action, but inverted so that we can fire at the Illithids. But he rolls a 1.

Klassath notices the ship move by and wonders how he learned how to drive?

Illithid starts to cast. Tavist can tell he’s casting Plane Shift but there’s something weird about it. Taj attempts to Dispel Magic again while Tavist takes an attack of opportunity and crits with a Keen Rapier.

Taj casts Cranial Deluge on the bottom Illithid.

Finn attempts to move below decks away from the tentacles.

Kasamir points to the windshield with a rag towards Ef as he flies by.

Veids Ghost Steps over to the Illithid attacking Etsuriko and attacks him with her Mind Blades for a crit thanks to her surging euphoria. A dazzling flash of light goes off in the Illithids face as she crits him.
Melchior shoots repeatedly for 3 hits and one crit – double damage and knocks Illithid prone falling to the deck. Tavist attacks the prone Illithid with 2 crits and 1 fumble. x2 damage + Bleed, then x3 damage and 1 CON.
He then lost his balance and for 3 rounds he’s -2 to AC. Bottom Illithid is DEAD. Taj = “I was going to blow his brain up!”

Klassath does a full attack on the top Illithid with his bladed chain. Kenari switches places with Etsuriko and Klassath as his chains continue to spin and he takes the head off of the Illithid. She then passes
the bottle over to Kassamir. Everybody gets a headache 4 POINTS NON-LETHAL as the pilot passes out from a Mind Surge.

Taj asks Klassath how many Illthid crew one would expect on a ship like this. Usually powered by an Elder Brain with somewhere between 10-60 Illithid and 1k-2k thralls. (6 killed so far)
Taj wonders if we go for taking out the Mind Flayers or should we leave?

Finn looks for rags or bedsheets so he can clean the windshield and finds a lavish bedroom. NOT THE SHEETS! He finds a wet towel that we joke isn’t from water.

Kenari stabilizes the ship as Kasamir wakes up mumbling “Oh what did Finn do?” “If anybody is going to fly the ship they should be aware there’s more liquor underneath the seat.”

Kenari shares the tale of how Finn wooed the captain of the last ship we commandeered by locking himself in the bedroom for sexy times with the captain.

Klassath makes a will save and can tell something is trying to rifle through his brain. Kenari steps on the gas and flies the ship away as fast as possible but then the ship gets yanked up short by something.
“It’s not my fault!”

Klassath: This is the Elder Brain. We need to go!

Kenari: I ask the ship real nice-like to plane shift. I get a vision of zooming down between the branches of the Yggdrasil and a female catfolk monk falling with Hadogee profanity and Violetta cursing a blue streak.

Another mental attack – Finn and Vedis and Taj and Etsuriko and Klassath are still standing.

For a moment everything goes purple outside the ship and we come out of it feeling weird – more like a sidewise shift in time. Those still standing look outside the window and we’re in orbit around a planet
that looks like Torril. The planetary locator says it’s a solar centric system with 11 planets total. We’re half-way between the planet and the moon. Functional sun and no dreadnaughts anywhere.

Vedis tends to Kenari as Cassamir strokes his beard and mutters “Not the right time.”

Taj gets on the pilot seat and tries bonding with the ship.

Kenari rifles through her bag for some aspirin from her alchemical kit and checks the Dimensional Key to see that the number has now changed to FIVE.

Taj communicates with the ship and detects 7 Illithid Nautiloids coming our way. She tries to convince the ship we need to go. It can’t jump again for another 24 hours.

Kenari has a really bad ear-ache and drinks more.

Taj suggests we hide the ship in the ocean – We go for it and pass a ship with a trio of smoke stacks. The name on the ship is Poseidon’s Glory and banner on one side that’s red with images of guys in gear riding a weird carriage like a roller coaster with a red dragon attacking. “X-Crawl Cruise, destination Cony Island.”
Taj continues down looking for a trench to hide in. We pick up on some bioluminescence and stretched out across the trench Klassath identifies an Illithid City.

“You bastard!”


Sorry it was so uneventful…

Enter Klassath and Kassamir
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