Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

Attacking the Dreadnaught Begins

We head to Tears of Selune to meet up with Taj and the fleet that she can gather and plan.

A Landing Party for teleporting outside the hull of the ship, planting bombs, and breaking into the Dreadnaught.

Six Ships to coordinate an attack.


Cat’s Grace +4
Bull’s Strength +4
Protection From Evil +2 resistance bonus to saves and +2 deflection bonus to AC
Owl’s Wisdom +4
Bless +1 morale bonus and save vs Fear
Weapons Against Evil – ignore DR of evil creatures (9 rounds)
Shield +4 AC
Communal Non-Detection
Battlemind – Taj and Tavist
Dazzling Blades
Unlimited Ammo and Reloading Hands on Melchior

Invisibility for 14 minutes (Finn and Kenari)
Taj has message open with Finn*

The ships start their attack as we come in around the sun and we teleport over in our separate groups.

Finn and I come in on the bottom of the ship and work our way towards the tentacles to place the bombs.

The rest of the group attempts to teleport to the balcony / bridge area. Tavist casts lightning bolt on the thick red glass of the balcony that shatters and they land on the floor of the bridge. Large double doors and lumbering through it 14 ft tall is a large bipedal brain golem.

Lenata severs one of its arms with a spiritual weapon.

Will saves required as the golem attacks.
Taj attempts a disintegrate that fails.
Melchior shoots it and Etsuriko carves at it with her blades.
Tavist casts Lightning Bolt that fries it into a pile of goo.

Another one walks through the doors at the far end of the room as Etsuriko attacks it 3 times. Yet another one walks through the doors.

Vedis throws mind blades and accidentally ports next to the golem (blade fail) as she crits with fire damage with another blade.
Brain goo splashes over Vedis as Melchior shoots it repeatedly and it dissolves.

Ef casts Diamond Spray on the third golem.
Lenata strikes with the spiritual weapon again that eruptts with fire when it attacks it.

Four Mind Flayers come floating in the doorway – Taj and Tavist make reflex saves as one turns toward him and two turn towards her with flashlight things that port Taj away while Tavist resists. “You bastard you left me!”

Finn and Kenari – place the first bomb and the second one outside the hull near the tentacles and remain undetected.


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