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Planejammer: The Spelljoined

A Harrowed Trip to Gheldaneth

02/11/2022 Game Notes

Vedis thinks we’re being set up on a wild goose chase. Ef and Kenari ask around. The Egyptians seem legitimately sincere. One of Ef’s alternates was a famous tomb raider. One of Kenari’s alternates was a High Priestess of Bast before she died fighting the tentacle Ilithids.
Etsuriko thinks the death of a God would be a big energy boost for whatever the Illithids want to do, and maybe they want to do it at the Citadel of the Planes? Lenata does a check of the crews and doesn’t detect any Illithid infections.
Etsuriko’s alternate is a fighting instructor/sharpshooter.

The Illithid God took out Ra and left Osiris with his hands full, leaving Horus leading the pantheon. Ra was poisoned by a dominated demigod in his court (info doesn’t appear in our Oerth religion). The only thing that could’ve stood in his way was the Fatebonded, but sadly their ship was destroyed by the time they
made it into the system by Nautioloids.

We’re sitting down for dinner when the Egyptian leader says we’re in the right place. I was told there’s one way to prove that we’re legit and our info is good. He looks at Etsuriko and
pulls out a highball glass and pours some smoky whiskey into it. Pulls out a parchment envelope and pulls out a tuft of orange fur and drops it in the shot. A Hero’s Drink? Etsuriko sighs, says Finn’s in
charge of the ship, and drinks it. Vedis says it’s Hadogee fur?

Etsuriko says Kaolin sent them. She’s not a Saint. Any saint you have to brush vomit out of their fur is no saint. Finn slaps her on the back and Etsuriko elbows him in the ribs as she drinks it.

A catfolk loses a bet with the Egyptian as he says “By the gods she was right, she actually drank it!”

We’re 4-weeks to Torril.

Kenari studies the Bearnaloth Poison. They predate all the other fiends, deep into the abyss before all others. Massive, unique and incredibly powerful, considered myth by many. From the Primordial past.

The demigod was Konshu the lunar god of vengeance. (ala Moon Knight). Finn claims that was his alternate and everyone laughs.

Nearest Temple of Ra would be Mulhorand back home as we strive to keep the Avatars of Ra alive.

We’re at the edge of Realmspace and we can now access our bags and smoke again.

ATTENTION 7 STARS – our outposts are under attack. In the meantime the Greyspace offices and properties on the Rock of Braal and the associated Harrowing have all been under direct attack. BE WARNED.
At least one Nautiloid has breeched the harowing. (from one of Taj’s secretaries)

We decide to take the Nomad to save the Harrowing and the other ships will meet us at Mulhorand. We enter the HArrowing with the Nomad and I see a number of buildings around the theater and circus
with a lot of smoke rising. No other ships in the sky. 3 /4 of a mile closer to the town by the river is the Walking Castle. The docks seem mostly devoid of people but there’s the motion of people out in
the distance. Don’t see any mindflayers or mindflayer ships.

Lenata sends a message to Hatuk. Hatuk – there was an attack. Most of us are fine, still putting the pieces together. Currently manning the castle. The Nautiloid left hours ago.

We decide to leave Melchior with the Nomad but first go to check out the Walking Castle to make sure everything is ok. Five figures are gagged and bound with Hatuk and Gheldaneth freed slaves with weapons.
Some of the siege weapons are destroyed.

Vedis gets a status report from Hatuk. We’d just gotten back from Gheldaneth when they came from out over the desert and people started dropping like flies. We got a few good hits on them with the castle before they stopped over
the sanguine theater for a while and then took off over the desert. What did they want with the theater? One of the new recruits did a good job and managed to identify them as being under a form of compulsion (some of Kenari’s followers).
This may be how they figured out how to get in. I’m betting we know who is pulling the stings of these puppets. Our new guy found them out. A Male Catfolk. Anak the Claw of Bast from the Rock of Braal (Favored Soul/Oracle). He’s got black fur and a white fur birth mark.
Is this the apprentice they spoke of?

Hatuk – I think we know what they were here for. It was brought to our attention that there was someone escaping the temple of Isis and we were under instructions to help any Chronomancers. This one… he pulls out a scoll and hands it to Vedis.
She opens it up and sees in her own handwriting and signature – “Dear Vedis, Don’t lose these guys, they’re more important than they seem. I can’t write more. Love Vedis XXOO

Evidentally they’re now gone. We got them out with the slaves, but a female, tall, red hair and a a red robed guy with tattoos all over his head (red wizard) and a weird sparkly Dwarf. CHRONOMANCERS.

We need to create an Immigration Checkpoint to scan incomers for mind control or infection. Will write up a plan for followers and send to Loki.

“Melchior with a big gun with a cask labeled Old Trolls Piss doing the Captain Morgan pose”

There are a lot of unfamiliar faces from Seven Stars helping organize.

Lenata attempts to see if she can scry the redheaded chronomancer that we met, but doesn’t get anything.

We leave Hatuk and others to take care of things and head through the portal to Gheldaneth as we leave Melchior with The Nomad. As I walk up to the door from the basement I find four traps on this side of Egyptian make.
I listen at the door and hear murmered conversation – a pair of voices bickering over the costs of silks imported from Shou Long. It becomes quiet and I crack open the door to check. I introduce myself and she bows and
offers to make clothing for us to fit in. I offer her some silver for her kids. We get a fake collar for Vedis so she and I can be the servants of Lenata.

We form up our entourage and head out into the city – Ef and Etsuriko make reflex saves – and nimbly avoid getting run over and hold us off from traffic. Trio of chariots – Out of the way, peasants!
Lenata creates an illusion of a wall in front of the chariots and causes them to stop up short. The call for the city guard rings out as Kenari ushers everyone to get a move on! We head past the temple of Isis and the Temple of Bast to the mercantile district.

We get to the Temple of Ra – It’s only 1 in the afternoon so why does it seem like it’s getting dim outside? Something is happening to the sun…. I think this is bad. The temple is about to close when the priest steps up with credentials. Kenari steps up to smooth the way
and we get in through the gate. They escort us in to a room full of squabbling priests. Our priest steps into the conversation. We can stay but they are freaked out. The oracles of the temple are going to try some ritual divination to see what’s going on.

I get this weird feeling as the ritual commences – I get a momentary image of the “apprentice” – the Tiefling from the Wheel of Fortune

Bits and flashes of the ritual through the smoke – momentary image of Ra with the Ankh Staff – violent images and reddish smoke – Kenari picks up on an image out in space of a Sun and a massive mind flayer
dreadnaught just off of the side and a vaguely purplish energy going from the ship to the sun – pattern of stars is Realmspace!


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