Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

07/02/2021 GAME NOTES

The City of Seven Seraphs

“I’m thirsty after all that walking! Let’s check this place out!”

Lots of girls and different species running around in corsets. Humans are actually the minority around here. 3-story bar with inside balconies overlooking main area. Ef looks for dangerous types as Finn and Etsuriko look around.

They zero in on the fact that they know somebody here! 4-years ago the Void Skimmer and the Misfits. A ninja-style bar with feet up on the bar drinking. A Goth pirate, all black with black mask covering eyes and mouth. Dreads coming out the back with black shirt.

Bangles in his hair. Chained purplish metal belt. Starwheel pistol. Yellowish-mottled skin – GITHYANKI. One of the crew who brought Ozzy back from the Dark Sun world.

Finn – This seems like a more reliable source to question, let’s ask him, eh?

Kenari orders drinks while Ef gets us a table. Finn w/Etsuriko following go to talk to the Githyanki. Good sir, I seem to recognize you from past dealings. Are you willing to talk?

He kicks the stool beside him. Have a seat!As long as the holy people don’t talk to me we’re fine. Klattha, you can call me Klattha. Pardon me, I’ve been drinking.

Finn introduces himself and the 7 stars, and how we’re looking for information. He offers him back at the table. Can you help us get a private room? The bill will be on my friends. Which one? Oh all of them. I like you!

Posh meeting room arrangement, big table and posh tapestries, well liqour and munchies. 20 GP +20 GP for magical interference.

Bit of a cager, are you? From time to time. I’ve been known to pop in there from time to time. Rescue a few slaves, get gutted a few times, good times! Kenari puts her feet up and lights a pipe and passes it.

Aoskar the God of Portals? Seek the Dock Master. Missing chronomancers? Ask the Forseen. How do we contact them? Do I think of a crime and get one to show up? A roast chicken with 18 legs? Better taste like chicken.

More forms and bureaucracy? Oh yay! This is your field, Finn. Lots of black around, black plate mail, lots of skull motifs and such.

Funny you should ask that, I’m looking for a friend of mine, The Sapphire Mage. Oh I HATE those guys! That mage was nice and then he was nuts! Maybe he was implanted? It is what it is.

Knock on the door. Portly elderly halfling man with a double sized wine bottle with a 1/4 inch of dust. Delivery from the Lady? Mistress Sindona. We don’t know her… I KNOW HER. Mistress says to say this is from Casamir’s private collection and he’ll be pissed when he hears you’ve drunk it. 900 yr old bottle of Elven scotch.

I haven’t seen the Sapphire Mage in years, over a decade ago. I just heard about his disappearance. Hadn’t heard about illithid connections (grr).

I show the book to Klathha to see if he can make anything out about the Sapphire Mage Book. Illithid language mixed in with the magic formula and math. Maybe Etsuriko with her ring of scholars could read it?
She tries: odd words repeated : Quantum and Earth Prime

Could they be trying to get to this Earth PRime to try their Operation Mastermind thing again? Maybe we can get there first thanks to the Dockmaster? Says Etsuriko.

Klattha asks Finn about his Illithid circutry. What’s up with that right there?
I received this unwillingly from a nautiloid ship while battling them with the house of seven stars.

Ef can tell that Klattha is an Athar, one of the ones who believe the gods are frauds. Gods are just people with power, right? “I know I am,” says Finn. “FINN NO!” says Etsuriko.

“Have you heard the good word of Murlyn, my friend? I see the pistol you’re carrying.” I got it from a poker game, actually.

Kenari pulls out all of her guns. I’ve got this one, and this one, and this one, and this one…

Melchior tries to prosthelitize with Klathha about Murlyn and the Githyanki tells him to step off.

Cap Vedis – I’m sorry, he’s American.

Come on Melchior, you can tell me all about Murlynd, Kenari says as she pats the seat next to her.

Someone mentions hamsters, and Kenari cries into her beer about Elliwinkle as she tells the story. Melchior cries in sympathy and consoles her with the emotional support Skittermander, but it happens to be grumpy tonight until it cleans the platter of leftover chicken and burps.

Klattha looks at his drink. That’s good whiskey!

Are we going out in a vampire city tonight? Well, my Wisdom is shot, that sounds like a great idea!

Snow crystals in the air outside, 10-15 degrees cooler than when we entered. No accumulation on the ground, though. Kenari marvels at the twinkling lights and pretty colors as she’d never seen snow before.

Vedis – bureaucracy takes forever… let’s just get started!

Kenari tries to taste the snow and it sends a small charge through her and makes her whiskers twitch. TINGLY!

Mostly Shadow Planetouched people around. Small slender human woman bedouin in style with just the face showing and tattoo on her forehead (eye with spheres) appears. Her eyes are rivited on Vedis. She does forehead salute and says “Good evening milady” and continues on.

We notice a symbol of Foreseen around “eyes in middle of horns” and talk to a cop on a floating rock come down to patrol shift in a white uniform. Vedis flags him down to talk. Samsarin – race that’s been reborn over and over again. Let me know the nature of your business and I’ll direct you!
He farts. I apologize, I used to be an adventurer. It’s a curse. Another fart. Kenari pulls her scarf up over her nose. You don’t want to see me if I fail a CON check when I’ve been drinking!

If there’s one person the dockmaster hangs out with, that’s Deathmaster Terrowell from the Ice Grave Enclave. Who’s that? Tourists. He points to the iceburg. She’s the head mortician. Like the Dustmen, but more engaged in this side of reality.

She hangs out in a tea house and a few markets. You didn’t hear it from me, though. The White Lotus Tea Room, to be exact. He farts again, very badly. Kenari lights a candle that flares largely from the polluted atmospehre. Twinkling lights, bad smells, Kenari doesn’t feel so good.

Let’s get some strong tea, we’ll feel better. Dirty stick water? Eh. No that’s cinnamon, says Vedis. Nasty floating spider in the corner, NO NO NO. Kenari gets a seat out on the balcony with some fresh air so she doesn’t have to look at that.

There’s a party of fey on the other side of the table. Eladrin, satyr and brownies… four different kinds of lizardmen playing knucklebones… and a leprechaun. So… what DID happen when you walked into the bar? One of the fey snorts and waves me a way as my ears ache. They gossip about minor things.

Lenata casts Zone of Silence around the table to give us privacy. Deathmaster is a Black furred catfolk going to gray, with a semi-transparent specter of a Ratfolk bartender. After an hour a mostly human reddish skinned woman dressed like the githyanki though swashbuckler with shoulderbag comes in and waves outside the zone.

Finn approaches her. How can I help you? My name is Alyssa Starbow and we need to talk business. I represent the Bookbinders and we deal in information. You passed through the docks with an unidentified rare tome of some sort and we’re interested in adding to our library.

We just want to secure the information before the Steamwalkers do as they tend to do horrible things. No offense, but as long as I keep it nobody can use it, and you’re business practices are already not trustworthy.
Ef gets the impression that she is legit. Vedis checks her Empathy – interested, eager, curious, slightly frustrated. I shake hands with her and activate my bracelet. She doesn’t seem to be lying.

Etsuriko scans the crown for undue attention. Someone seems to be staring at our table from a 2nd floor balcony across the street. Forseen robes on the logo. I could just go say Hi… Ef casts Shield on her before she goes long stepping.

What’s going on? says Klattha. Oh they just do that.

Etsuriko appears non-threatening to talk. He holds out a scroll to her and walks off. She pops back to the table and hands it to Vedis. I think he wanted us to have this.

Vedis checks out the scroll. We’re directed to meet the Master of the Docks in the Warehouse District at the Warehouses owned by the Spelljoined. Ef, when did you get a warehouse? Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey.
So that means anything in it is ours, right?

Alyssa scribbles down a teahouse down in Destiny’s Bodice. You can find me here. That’s Casamir’s old haunt, right? It rains a lot (The Rains of Casamir.)

We head to The Garter – warehouse zone. Nice, big wooden warehouse fills a single city block with a plaque – Spelljoined Offical Business Only with a bell. Finn tries the door but it doesn’t open for him. That’s because you’re not Spelljoined! Kenari opens the door and sticks her tongue out as they walk in.
Not used in a while, office, piles of wood, flickering light in the office.

Ef walks up to the office and opens the door. A skinny human Mulhorandi with a simple tunic is doodling in a ledger and scared by Ef Utan. “Really, you’re doodling in the books?” What are you doing here? I work here!

Are you one of mine? Asks Kenari. Nope… darn I was hoping. We’re the Spelljoined!

He points at Finn. You… you’re the one who died from Syphis! BWAHAHAH! That’s right, it’s been 100 years and the time docks are opening again, aren’t they. You’d been dead for 300 years!

Whose been keeping this place going, then? Do we owe back taxes?

If I remember correctly… her great grandson (points to Vedis). Who’d you have a kid with??? asks Kenari. Could be one of 3, maybe? says Vedis.

Lenata picks up the start of rain outside with a massive boom of thunder before everything shakes a bit.

I’m going to have to message my superior about this, the kid says as he leaves with a scroll tube and a pen. Finn and Kenari are curious about the warehouse contents and history as Ef goes outside to see
if anyone is here to meet us. As he does so, a figure teleports in floating above the ground, staff in hand. Dockmaster.

Massive psionic energy radiates off the guy. Bring the Rest. It’s not raining where he’s floating. Kenari shoves record books from the warehouse into her bag to read later.

We step out into the rain as Vedis opens her umbrella. We get the feeling we’re being analyzed down to the molecular level as the Dockmaster looks at us. I’ve been judged by gods before, Kenari mutters.

Good, the threads have come together. Now that you’re here, various forces including myself and your Reigar patron Tain, Mordenkainan, etc have done our best to keep you away from the Fates and Fortunes to continue to fight the Mind Flayers.

Now things have reached a fracture point and they’re breaking through everywhere. CLAP OF PURPLE LIGHTNING with a ghostly image of a purple nautiloid. Events far from now are reaching ahead. You are among the few who have a chance to stop them.
Be careful, beware, probabilities haven been juggled to get you here today. As I said, forces. The Spelljammer and the Lady are two of those. After all it is the rarest of things to actually have heard the Lady of Pain speak.

You are but one group among many. You’re going to have the opportunity to face them in arenas where you can do damage. You’ve already heard about the Alternate Realities. Yes, what about this Earth Prime can you get us there so we can stop falling behind the Illithids?

The rain is thinning… this conversation can no longer be protected. Watch each others backs. Always look for the rule of three. Lightning cracks, static fur. Freaking gods!

Three lighting strikes. Everything shakes, warehouse flickers in existence and a massive kaiju stomps through. Kaleidoscope flicker that doesn’t reset exactly to where it was before. Now the warehouse has a for sale sign on it.

The Captain, Violet, and Klassath are no longer here.


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