Campaign of the Month: April 2011

Planejammer: The Spelljoined

06/04/21 GAME NOTES

Shadows linger at the edge of the road and are unable to step on the road. We walk for a few hours as Ef scans around with Detect Magic. Ef sees a bright white light on the road approaching at a significant rate of speed down the road. It seems like a standard light spell moving quickly. Directly above it 100ft or so is a Space Shark with a weird light inside? Is it a ship? Twice the size of our ship.
Our road is roughly 100 ft across. Lenata says to huddle up and casts Sphere of Invisibility. As it passes Vedis and Etsuriko see that it’s a ship, not a creature. The light was it’s way of having a “foot on the road.”

Next break on the road – Ef spots a crack in the road. Inch or two in one edge of the road. We make camp. A glance up the road shows a trio of figures in the direction we’re headed. I dimension door down the road to get a better look.
Two males, one female, pale skin, read hair, fine features, mostly human looking, non-descript clothes. Something off like an Aasimar. Long swords and a dagger. Crystal jewelry so probably a caster type.
Vedis- sounds like Elan, psionic people. Let’s camp casual and see what happens!

They approach and hail us. They offer food if they can sit with our fire. We have a Hearthstone from the ship. Lenata casts tongues since Vedis can’t speak Elvish.
They have meats and a variety of seasons and spices with them. Where are you all hailing from? A small outpost in the plane of air off the beaten path.
Yes this is the way to Hirayata – aka the City of Seven Seraphs. It should only be a few weeks travel. A FEW WEEKS? SO LONG! Ef passes around shots of healng potion/ale.
They start talking about the city. Etsuriko, Finn and Ef Utan recognzize the tone of voice and delivery like a resident of sigil talking to a Prime.
It’s a city founded underneath a rift between the shadow and the ethereal with the city in a stable bubble in the middle. It’s the 7 seraph statues that hold back the chaos. There is pure balance there. Good for every evil, law for chaos, etc. Millions of entities.
There are also docks there from various planes as well as time periods. The ruling class is well entrenched vampires, very old. The Dockmaster is the lord of the docks district, as old as the city itself.
Illithids are banned and their thralls are not looked well upon.

Other than caravans pulled by 6-legged lizards not much happens until the “morning.” We part ways with the Elan and move forward. The space outside of the Lattice takes on a Haunted Bajou look. Shadows, moss, bats, etc.
The road has narrowed to 40 ft. Kenari takes vanguard and sees motion among the shadowy undrgrowth but nothing approaching the Lattice itself. The area outside of it is very well populated. Glimpse of a shadowy alligator, etc.
6-8 days of travel with few encounters. Occasionally other ships go by. Even the next model over from the Nomad. Big triangle of metal ship? Another 4 days out the sky seems twisted. As we get closer it resolves
more into a roiling circular ball-shaped storm cloud all silver and black in the distance. The Rift/Radia? We’re passed by others on the road. Tinker Gnomes? 4 gnomes with big green goggles and overalls come flying up the road in metal framed contraptions
belching green fire. That was awesome! I’m waiting for the explosion to happen – Lenata. What I lack in speed I make up for in style – Melchior. I should stick my thumb out next time! – Kenari

As we approach the city the air gets hot and burning. Ef puts on the face-hugger Carigmoor rebreather. Others have coughing fits and are sickened. The rest of us get acid trip level awareness.


Lenata casts Air Bubble on those who are sick and tends to them. Kenari wets her scarf and ties it around her face. The weather gets weirder as we get closer. There’s shit from the Ethereal and all sorts of stuff in the sky.

Vedis has a bit of a bad trip. There’s a lot more lightning and funny different colors in the sky as we move on. Vedis gets struck by blue lightning that arcs to the dagger and Ef’s manacles. I drop the dagger in time but Ef doesn’t. Smoke comes out of Vedis’ ears as her hair stands on end. Psionic overload as she crackles with arcs. Very Dragonball Z.
Are you OK? KEnari pokes Vedis with a non-conductive stick. Kenari’s fur stands on end as she static shocks people and laughs. Vedis shoots off some excess power points and puts on a light show.She stands on the edge of the road shooting off while out of the swamp a tentacle wraps around her ankle.
She blams it with an energy push. Bits of flesh flying everywhere as she blasts off her excess points. As if Finn puking wasn’t enough! – Etsuriko

About 40-50 miles out there’s a sudden shift in the sky. Before it was haunted feel, now to the right it looks like water with ships heading in and out. In the shadowy sky past it are spelljammer ships. Lots and lots of traffic. We hear the dim roar of the winds of the Radia.

Thunderbolts and lightning, not crazy colors anymore. Darkness intensifies. Every time lightning cracks we swear we see skulls and such as the light flashes. Melchior gets freaked out and runs down the road.
Etsuriko is psyched that we’re finally moving faster and keeps up with him. Kenari dimension doors and hooks his belt with a grappling hook. IT’S GOT ME! as Melchior scrambles away in fear.
When he realizes he can’t escape he crouches and sobs as he pulls his hat over his head as Kenari pulls him down the road. Murlynd forgive me!

Vedis calms him and Melchior cuddles Vi as his Emotional Support Skittermander. He tells it stories of Murlynd in soft tones as he strokes it.

The water gets closer and we feel like we’re on a bridge as we walk on. The road has narrowed to 30 ft and the wind has picked up as the waves splash over the road. Finn and Lenata are washed off the Latice into the water. I try to port off the Lattice but find I can’t. Finn casts Fly and drops a rope to Etsuriko as he takes a rope out to them.
Ef guts dunked by water and Vedis gets swept out into the water. Ef grabs hold of Lenata. Finn has the rope that Ef drops. I unhook Melchior and throw the rope out to Vedis and Finn swims by to grab her.
Finn swims and grabs the captain as Kenari tosses the rope w/ grappling hook near by. Big black shark with red eyes! It breaks water 15 ft behind them. 65 feet long? Ef hovers and casts lightning bolt when it pops up again, nailing it just before it gets a mouth full of the captain. I think we should keep the ropes tied to them. What do you think?

Everybody tie down with the rope like when we’re on ship!

Ef swept off, Etsuriko bangs her head and sinks. Lenata casts fly on Kenari and herself to go get them. Two forms sweep out of the clouds fast. Jet black terydactyls. Kenari just manages to get out of the way as Lenata gets raked across the back.
Vedis throws her mind blades at them and they shriek and fly off. As we get them back on the road Finn says “But even wet my outfit looks better.”

As we proceed forward we see a tunnel that seems to go through the storm. It feels weird in the tunnel as the sky is like fractured glass with each sliver showing a piece of different sky.
A massive city 20 times the size of Greyhawk. The side we come out on has a huge bay with multiple kinds of ships and vehicles. Dockyard twice the size of Greyhawk.

It’s raining again but smells faintly of lavendar. At least it smells better than Sigil! KEnari moans as she wrings out her fur.

Tunnel opens up into a circular landing like a ferry landing. Out in the water looks like a massive iceberg that looks odd – dead bodies frozen together. Even somewhat artfully arranged.
A small barge approaches and a tall dark hadogee steps out. I heard we had travellers out here. Welcome! We pay the ferryman and he takes us to the city. Architecture is very mismatched.
Floating platforms with railings and guys directing air traffic. The iceberg is their burial ground for the city. Any big rules? The usual theft and murder, etc. Rules free zones for more illegal commerce.
The Forseen are the guards that run the docks and they have a tendency to detect trouble rather quickly. Vedis asks about vampires. Hadogee laughs and turns around to show his fangs. There are numerous temples for conversion if you wish.
He sets us down at a busy dock. First time I’ve seen one where humans are a minority.

Madame Susigians is a bar for questionable companionship and answers to your questions. 25%/30% population are vampires. Melchior is not happy. Finn, you’re not thinking of conversion are you? Because you thought it pretty loud.


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