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Planejammer: The Spelljoined

01/15/2021 GAME NOTES

01/15/2021 GAME NOTES

“Were you with the Captain at the end?” Yes. "Thank you for making sure he wasn’t alone. It was quite the journey to make it here. She stowed away on a tramp steamer coming out of NY.
“How many times have you been here?” “Never been here before, the Welsh can’t cook.” – Etsurikos.

“Some of us know about all the ridiculous worlds out there. LOOK FOR DEPARTMENT 7 or an analog. There’s a parallell in almost every world. If you’re going to find people that know what’s going on to help, that’s where you’re going to find it.”

There’s a high pitched PING and the gem on one of her bracelets lights up green then turns bright red. She looks at it, takes a drink “If were you all I’d get out of here, shit’s about to come down.”
She pulls out a cylinder, fiddles with it, then takes a step and dissolves into purple smoke.

Etsuriko wakes us up and fills us in as Kenari laments she didn’t get to meet drunk Etsuriko.
Lenata knows of a secret level of the Seekers called The Seventh Circle that she’s hear of from the Seekers and the Elven Fleet.

Illithids usually appear due to a purple effect. The Drow had a purple effect. Etsuriko had a purple effect. The Time Crystal is purple. IS there something similar to them?

Finn recognized the purple smoke before from transitioning between worlds. Lenata and Vedis – Probability Travel was the phrase used before planeshift.

Melchior keeps watch but sees nothing but stray animals, rats, etc.

Everyone wakes up and Kenari downs a cup of coffee after we come to terms with battening down the fort. Finn asks Reginald about Department 7 explaining about Fun Etsuriko vs. “The One Who Saves Your Ass Etsuriko”

Ef wakes up Van Helsing by splashing him with water (joke) as he curses in Austrian.

Reginald has heard of them as they approached him about his machine. Van Helsing says they’re an indespensible resource. Why do you want to talk to them?

REALLY? says Finn. LOOK AT US! I do have connections, in Paris, London and New York. He doubts our goodness and I explain how we’re practically alternate reality versions of Divison 7.

Van Helsing calls them Mind Flayers after we explain the Illithids to him (he rolls out his tools and asks what we’re fighting).

We’re talking around 6am when suddenly someone chunked a rock or brick through the window. Melchior looks up and sees a flickering of air around something in the air. A human sized outline flickers as it throws something round and black 2x the size of a pool ball through the window.

Everyone dodges but Ef Utan as explosion happens and he takes 16 points of shrapnel damage. Van Helsing and Reginald are hit.

Lenata tends to Helsing and Reginald as Ef armors up and hops out the window. Melchior shoots at it 3 times and hits twice. He hears a crackling sound when he hits and the cloaking shield cuts out completely for a moment allowing him to see a humanoid in a black body suit (ala SHIELD) with a heavy metalic belt and boots with flames coming out of the boots. A cluster of round objects hanging at the belt. Familar face = ALTERNATE EF UTAN. He pulls out a wand and disappears in a puff of purple.
Melchior curses and stomps on his hat. TARNATION. DAGNABIT. You haven’t heard the last of these six guns! YOSEMITE MELCHIOR. MELCHIOR SAM.

Lenata cures Van Helsing as he crosses himself.

Vedis hops out and she and Ef and Melchior discuss his doppelganger as Vedis hears something around the lab. Might be a cat? They run through the room to warn us and I dimension door back to the lab.

I see a purple light eminating from the time machine. The time machine fades out and with a figure in the chair (OTHER EF UTAN) while one hangs on the rails (7 1/2 ft tall Mind Flayer with 2 extra tentacles slightly longer than the rest)

Damn it! Did the Illithids dominate another version of us?

The others follow except for Lenata and Finn who stay in the house. WILL save. Finn is knocked out. Lenata is hurt and bleeding from the ears.

Lenata casts circle of protection while Reginald and Van Helsing disappear in a flash of light.

Etsuriko – How could the machine disappear if Reginald had the crystal? Maybe they had their own. Etsuriko goes to check on Reginald while Kenari searches the lab. Etsuriko – The one time I told Finn he shouldn’t have stole the machine he should’ve stole the machine!

Melchior keeps watch outside and sees a little distortion high up the size of a small or midsized spelljammer. He goes back to the main room to tell people.

Vedis sees that Len and Fin have been attacked psionically. Etsuriko tells everyone as she cleans Finns face angrily.


As Kenari digs through the lab she finds a small burned area on the floor a few feet away from where the time machine was. Underneath a work bench smaller than a shoe box I find a small model of the time machine. When I pull the key out it sparks purple. I wrap it up and put it in my Haversack.

Should we attack the cloaked ship with flight/porting? Finn and Melchior “borrow” a horseless carriage while the rest of us plan our attack.

We step outside but it looks like the ship is gone. Finn is determined to still steal the car. Melchior is no help whatsoever and makes it worse for Finn, who is determined to believe that he can start the car.

Vedis checks the compass. It’s pointing towards Kenari so I show them the miniature time machine while Ef Utan mends the window. Lenata says it’s not magically reduced, this is just a working scale model.

Ef Utan – could we hook the time machine model into the Helm of our ship? Could we build one based on the model?

Len – what about Division 7? Kenari checks his stuff to see if we can find any info but only finds his Vampire Hunter Kit.

Vedis touches the compass to the scale model time machine. WILL SAVE. For a moment she sees a vision of towering buildings all in flames and crumbling. Purplish sky with lightning and then she’s back.

We decide that we need to head back the ship and Lenata needs to hold the model while she’s on the Helm.

Finn fiddles around more and manages to start the car for a moment as it sputters.

More Adventures in Car Theft with Finn and Melchior. Melchior shoots in the air yelling people to GIT VARMINTS while they roll down the street avoiding a collapsed fruit vendor and people in the street.

Takes out a mirror, scrapes the side, almost hits a horse drawn hearse, then two guys with a pane of glass between them. Right after they go through the glass the car stalls.

Finn books it towards the docks and Melchior follows him. They make their way through the crowd around the docks. Mel better than Finn. Sheep everywhere in the street as they’re being driven down the docks.
Melchior loads a flare round “You are ready to run right?” He fires off flares to scare the sheep. Sheep scatter everywhere. Mel takes 5 damage from old shepherd in olive drab military gear who smacked him upside his head while calling him a terrorist (in Welsh).
Mel apologies profusely and tips his hat as he backs away. Finn runs past yelling “Money solves everything!!” as he drops 4 gold pieces.
Old man goes for gold as Finn makes a Ref save to not slip in sheep shit. He tries to slide and lands on his back as he slides.

Kenari sees flares and hears screams and sheep in distance. "Are you sure you don’t want to go help them?
Etsuriko “I’m going to kill him!”

Cop sirens in the distance. Horse drawn cart full of police arrives at other end of block behind him. THERE HE IS. GET HIM!

Kenari finds that notes were recently removed from the lab. Etsuriko finds victorian pornography in his bedroom. Ef searches Van Helsing’s room but only finds clothes and toilitries and a Bible.

Kenari teleports Lenata back to the ship to get it started up. Ef loots the house for valuables and they eat while waiting on the roof for their ride.
Etsuriko raids the books. Scarab on the spine, books labeled EGYPTIAN HISTORY.

Cops run after Finn and Mel as they make their way through the docks to the ship. I port to them, throw a Thunderstone at the cops which knocks over some of them, and port back to the ship.
They run to the ship and the ship takes off out of the water to everyone’s amazement.

Cops: I didn’t see a thing, did you? Nope, not a thing.

Finn strips and throws his shitty clothes overboard as we take off and struts back to his room while the girls clap and hoot.


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