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A Planejammer Campaign

The Return of The Spelljoined (2020)

CotyTwo years after taking control of The Harrowing our heroes are getting settled in. Since the demiplane coalesced from a fragment of The Dreaming, The Captain has developed a “kinship” with it and has been able to influence changes to it’s environment.

Kenari has been busy organizing an underground railroad of slaves out of her native Mulrhorrand. Meanwhile, Lenata and the boys have been busy running missions for Tain the Reigar and “keeping the brand out there”.

Then, one day, it became painfully apparent that the Queen of Thistles wasn’t done with them yet. A messenger from the Sapphire Mage arrives bringing them a “castaway in time” to look after, a furry, six armed creature never seen before. He also delivers the message that Aionnias has disappeared, as have chronomancers throughout the planes…


Planejammer: The Spelljoined – Campaign Trailer


(Campaign of the Month April 2011)

The Spelljoined (2009)

Drawn to Ravenloft from their respective Planes and Spheres the group found the one way out of the Demiplane of Dread – The World Serpent Inn. Bound somehow to the legendary Spelljammer they try to unravel it’s mystery while operating under a letter of marque from Prince Andru of the Rock of Bral.

Having earned the enmity of the Tenth Pit and House Muwara of Bral they were embroiled in danger from the start. Powerful patrons like Large Luigi and Tain the Reigar enabled them to survive the webs of intrigue until their visit to the Sapphire Mage’s castle at the edge of the demiplane of time. It was there that they took their haunted hammership, The Nomad, through the plane’s currents – a course which took them fifteen years into the future.

That future turned out to be grim. The Known Spheres were at war, The Unhuman War II. Tain arranges for them to take a mission for the Elven Fleet – retrieve the key to activate a Witchlight Marauder before the scro get to it. Their quest takes them to a sphere trapped in the Dreaming, and a demented demiplane called The Harrowed Realm. It was here they met up with Melchior. After defeating the native storykin and taking possession of the demiplane they freed the sphere from the Dreamstone’s influence.

Now it seems that the Queen of Thistles has her eye on them and their Reigar patron wants to use them as his team competing the Damnation Epoch, a once a century gladiatorial event on the Plane of Dreams.

Statblock – Planejammer: The Spelljoined
Rules: Pathfinder, augmented with a large variety of non core WOTC books and third party publications as well as extensive house rules. We also use the Paizo Critical Hit and Critical Fumble decks.
Setting: Spelljammer / Planescape [This means that most standard / homebrew settings can exist somewhere in the multiversal framework.]
Rating: Adult themes, NSFW.
Emphasis: Role Playing, not roll playing. XP bonuses for good characterization and role playing are standard. XP Bonuses are standard for creating setting material- character journals, sketches, etc.
Psionics: Yes, using Psionics Unleashed for core psionic rules. Psionics are different, limited.
Firearms: Emerging Firearms
Starting Level: 3rd, Generated according to our campaign standard.
Starting Characters: Due to the multiplanar nature of the setting all character concepts will be considered. Eberron, Ptolus, Ravenloft, Greyhawk, Planescape, d20 Modern, Dragonstar, Dragonlance, Spelljammer, Iron Kingdoms and most other d20 based settings are subsets of the main game and are valid choices.
Game Night: The Spelljoined Thursday Evenings 7-11 pm, starting early October 2009 at Mardi Gras Manor in Northside Cincinnati.
Game Night: The Spelljoined Return Every other Friday Evening 7-10pm EST, over Zoom starting April 2020 during COVID-19 Quarantine