The Rock of Bral

Rock of bral by silverblade

The Rock of Bral *
*N metropolis

Corruption +4; Crime +4; Economy +6; Law – 2; Lore +8; Society +3
Qualities notorious, prosperous, rumormongering citizens, strategic location, magically attuned, academic
Danger +10
Government Autocracy Prince Andru
Population 55,000 (31,000 humans (5,000 Shou); 5,000 halflings; 8,000 elves; 2,000 half-elves; 1,000 gnomes; 1,000 giff, 1,000 dracon, 1,000 lizardfolk, 500 xixchil, 500 hadozee, 500 grommam, 500 thri-kreen, 3,000 other)
Notable NPCs
Andru’s Court
Andru’s Consort Lady Cerena (N female human expert 5/courtesan 3)
Andru’s Henchman Ld. Diadan Cartan (CE male human swashbuckler 16)
Proconsul Gadaric Main (CN male human invoker 16)
Royal Bodyguard Mahaxara Khal (CN female human barbarian 13)
Spymaster Mardan Rhom (NE male human rogue 15)
Senior Advisor Tiendor Alian (CG male 1/2elf bard 12)
Genral Mor Dairbad (LN male human fighter 13)
Majordomo Morika Ashan (LN female human fighter 60
Chamberlin Lord Ostic (N male human expert 8)
The Noble Council
Andru’s Nephew Aric Cozar (NG male human transmuter 10)
Lord Hastain (CN male reigar wizard 15)
House Lianin- Basa Linaan (CG female human illusionist 8)
House Ellodan- Kiade Ellodan (NG male elf fighter 4/wizard 4)
House Kullek- Morgan Kullek (LE male human expert 10)
House Nobrodukk – Arkan Nobrodukk (NG male dwarf fighter 6/rogue 6)
The Trading Company – Taolosa Baniasar (CE male elf rogue 7)
Mecane Representative- Daargaz (LN male mercane expert 4/sorcerer 3)
House Muwara – Ozamata Ku Muwara (LN male human samurai 8/ninja 8)
Moneylender Kurishi Otobe “The Dragon Lady” (N female human sorceror 8)
Gaspar’s Reclamations – Nolan deVries (NG male human wizard 11)
Council Secretary Bianace Micharle (LN female human expert 7)
Leader of the Herd Stakahlla (LG male dracon fighter 9)
Mayor of Giff Town Saerlg Tomojak (LN male giff fighter 12)
Shou emissary to Bral Lord Chan Fu Wu (LG male human samurai 8)
Envoys and Emissaries
EIN Ambassador Adm.Marianon Silmara(CG female elf aristocrat 3/fighter 8/wizard 6)
Aide to Adm Silmara Gaeradan Celedir (CG male elf sorceror 9)
Illithid Ambassador Ishathrandra (LE genderless illithid psion 8)
Other Notables
Mater of the Shipyards Irdana Shipwright (LN female human expert 13)
Underbaron Meredin Sandyfoot (CG male halfling rogue 15)
High Priestess of Ptah Andaclesia (LG female human cleric 13)
Archmage Gamalon Idogyr (CG male human wizard 20)
Underbaron The juggler (CN female human bard 8/ rogue 7)
Base Value 32,640 gp; Purchase Limit 240,000 gp; Spellcasting 8
Minor Items all available; Medium Items 4d4; Major Items 3d4

Bralian Holidays

The following Items are illegal to import into Bral without a Royal License:

  • Undead other then Skeletons or Zombies
  • Living puddings, oozes, or slimes of any type.
  • Infinity Vine.
  • Slaves.
  • Greek Fire, Smokepowder, other incendiary substances
  • Weapons.
  • Poison.

Bral also imposes a tax on all trade goods, 5% of the fair market value. “Trade goods” are defined as goods “obviously intended” for resale on Bral or elsewhere. Each crew member and passenger on a vessel is entitled to two bags worth of “personal effects”. Customs Officers interpret this to widely varying degrees. The tax is import only.

Bral Port Fees
Dock Fees: 1 sp per ton per day
Air tax: 2 sp per ton
Fouled: 100 gp fine
Poisoned: 500 gp fine
Replenish ship’s water: 1 sp per 5 tons

Longshoreman’s Guild 6 sp per day+ 2 sp per worker (2 per 5 tons of cargo)

Before leaving ship’s must schedule a departure time and destination with the Master of the Docks’ office (#100). Ship’s not scheduled to leave are intercepted by the wreckboats of the Customs officers or one of the Royal Bralian naval vessels which is always on picket. Pursuit of vessels leaving is not usually very enthusiastic but the vessels description is added to a list for “incoming” vessels to watch for.

Arriving vessels are met at the docks by Customs officers and harbormasters, where they must pass a customs inspection.

Balic’s Blades
The Drunken Neogi
The Edge
The Rockrat
The Shady Rest
The Laughing Beholder

Image by Silverblade

The Rock of Bral

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