Vase of Gentle Repose

Preserve your flowers for even longer!


A small smoky crystal vase with an inscribed metal base, anything put inside the vase while saying the activation word inscribed on the bottom will subject the item to a Gentle Repose spell.


When Kenari’s relationship with Dassam was first blossoming, he gave her a bouquet of flowers on Reigar that she wanted to keep for as long as possible on her travels. Searching through the shops of Sigil, she finally found a flower shop with just what she needed… a crystal vase with a permanent Gentle Repose spell imbued to it, made especially for that purpose.

Kenari keeps this vase in her quarters on The Nomad, where her bouquet of flowers remains with only the slightest sign of wilting.

Vase of Gentle Repose

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