Smoke Powder



Smokepowder is a magical mixture of two inert substances which, when
combined, form an explosive mix. It is mostly used in firearms and explosives, though only dry smokepowder will explode or fire a bullet. It can be safely transported before the two inert substances are combined.

One ounce of smokepowder consumes itself in one round and illuminates like a sunrod. Smokepowder is sold in powder flasks or horns (16-ounce capacity, 1-pound total weight, 25 gp), in small kegs (4-pound [64 ounce] capacity, 5-pounds total weight, 100 gp) or in large kegs (20-pound [320 ounce] capacity, 25-pounds total weight, 500 gp).

Smokepowder is much more rare on planets than it is in space. The cost of smokepowder to groundlings will often be 2 or more times that ofthe cost to spacefarers.

Explosives Cost  Damage  Blast Radius Range Increment  Weight  Type 
Smokepowder Charge16 sp1d20 ft.1 oz.Fire
Smokepowder (1 lb., flask or horn)25 gp3d65 ft.1 lb.Fire
Smokepowder (4 lbs., small keg)100 gp8d610 ft.5 lbs.Fire
Smokepowder (20 lbs., large keg)500 gp15d615 ft.25 lbs.Fire
 - Smokepowder burns slowly, so the maximum amount of damage is limited to 15d6 for any amount over 20 pounds.

Smokepowder Explosives: Smokepowder explosives have a fuse that must be lit before they are used. Lighting a bomb is a move action. The explosive deals damage based on the amount of smokepowder it contains. Anyone caught within the blast radius can make a DC 15 Reflex save to take half damage. Smokepowder explosives require no proficiency to use.

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Smoke Powder

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