Dwarven Fighting Mug

weapon (melee)

Exotic Weapon Cost Dmg Crit Rng Wgt Type As Armor AC Pen SF
Dwarven Fighting Mug 25gp 1-6 x2 10ft. 5 lbs. B +1 -1 5%


The Dwarven Fighting Mug is a sturdy, often steel, large mug with a weighted bottom. To the untrained eye, the mug seems to be nothing more then a rather large, often scratched and dented, mug. To the trained mug fighter, it is a magnificent multifunction vessel, which not only holds a large quantity of beer and ale, but can function as a superb clubbing weapon and defensive shield. Most Dwarven Mug Fighters prefer to leave their Mugs simple and unadorned in order to accent the dents and scratches they accumulate over their years of battle. Marred mugs are symbols of prestige among these clannish fighters. Those mugs, which are damaged beyond repair, are ritually laid to rest in their favorite tavern (Tavern owners consider this a great privilege and prominently display the mug as a symbol that their establishment is highly considered amongst the fighters).

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Dwarven Fighting Mug

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